Brother TN2280 Black Compatible Laser Toner Cartridge 2600 Pages Remanufactured use with DR2255 Drum Will not Damage Printer with Warranty TN 2280 DR 2255


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Brother TN 2280 (Black) Compatible Laser Toner Cartridge 2,600 Pages base on 5% Coverage - Remanufactured - Printer Model - MFC Series: 7240, 7290, 7360, 7360N, 7460DN, 7470D, 7860DN, 7860DW, HL Series: 2220, 2230, 2240, 2240D, 2250, 2250DN, 2270DW, 2280DW, DCP Series: 7060D, 7065DN, Intellifax Series: 2840, 2940, 2950. Current Offer Brother Original TN 2280 (Black) Laser Toner 2,600 Pages - $88 per piece exclude GST subject to 7% GST. Current Offer Brother Original DR 2255 (Drum) 12,000 Pages - $101 per piece exclude GST subject to 7% GST. Remanufactured / Compatible TN 2280 (Black) Laser Toner 2,600 Pages - $25 per piece. Remanufactured / Compatible DR 2255 (Drum) 12,000 Pages - $44 per piece. Provide After Sales and Technical Support through Email (, Whats App, Telephone Call (65 - 9170-6801) and On-Site Visit under Warranty period. Remanufactured and/or Compatible (Nippon-ink) Cartridges will not damage printer. The Number of Pages (base on 5% Coverage), Print Quality, Features inclusive Fitting etc. equivalent to Original OEM Brands. Confirmed can be used- Tested. Note: Please shake Horizontally (Left to Right and vice versa) for at least 5 to 10 times before use or installation to printer. To ensure even distribution of toner powder. Let us proof our "Products and Service Quality". Unable to measure by words till you use it. Must Buy and Use it! Act Now! Hope you can understand. Why Pay More? You Can Save! - Our Offer is the Best. Intention to Purchase - Buy - Use - Test - Feedback = Total Customer Satisfaction. Win/Win Collaboration - Buyer benefited in Cost Saving - Seller Benefited Sales Revenues. Compatible Limited Warranty - 12 months (1 Year) from Date of Purchase. Any Manufacturing Defects - One to One Exchange (Replacement) upon verification and confirmation if necessary. Up-to-Date no Negative Remarks and/or Reject encountered. Factory - ISO 9001, ISO 9002 and ISO 14001 Certified. Test Print - ISO / IEC FCD 24712 base on International Standard as Guideline. We have been in this trade of business (Inkjet and Toner Cartridges) for more than 20 years. We can supply Original and Compatible (Remanufactured) Laser Toner and Inkjet Cartridges inclusive printers for use on Brother, Canon, Epson, Fuji Xerox, HP and Samsung Cartridges and models as listed (For Common Items only) on the web and below for your reference and self-explanatory. Any Items not listed, please call and whats App at 65 - 9170-6801 for Quotation and Pricing etc. inclusive queries if any. 1) a) Brother Black Laser Toner - TN 1000, TN 2150, TN 2280, TN 2380, TN 6600, TN 7600, TN 8000. b) Brother Color Laser Toner - TN 240 (BCMY), TN 261 (BCMY, TN 351 (BCMY). c) Brother Drum Unit - DR 1000, DR 2125, DR 2255, DR 2355, DR 3000, DR261CL. d) Brother Inkjet Cartridges - LC 261 / 263 (BCMY), LC 663 (BCMY), LC 563 (BCMY), LC 161 / 163 (BCMY), LC 40 / 73 (BCMY), LC 39 (BCMY), LC 38 / 67 (BCMY), LC 37 / 57 (BCMY), LC 47 (BCMY). 2) a) Canon Black Laser Toner - CART 303, CART 319, CART 319 II, CART 325, CART 328, CART 337, FX 9. b) Canon Color Laser Toner - CART 318 (BCMY), CART 329 (BCMY), CART 331 (BCMY), CART 418 (BCMY). c) Canon Inkjet Cartridges - PGI 770 (BK) / CLI 771 (BCMY), PGI 750 (BK) / CLI 751 (BCMY), PGI 725 (BK) / CLI 726 (BCMY), PGI 820 (BK) / CLI 821 (BCMY), PGI 5 / CLI 8 (BCMYPCPM). 3) a) Epson Black and Color Laser Toner - Please Call and Whats App 65 - 9170-6801 for Quotation and Pricing inclusive queries. b) Epson Inkjet Cartridges - T 177 (BCMY), 144 N (BCMY), 73 N (BCMY), T0 461 (BK) / T0 472/3/4 (CMY), T0 631/2/3/4 (BCMY). c) Epson Inkjet Cartridges - Old Model T0 Series - T0 38 (BK) / T0 39 (Tricolor), T0 28 (BK) / T0 29 (Tricolor), T0 26 (BK) / T0 27 (Tricolor), T0 13 (BK) / T0 14 (Tricolor) etc. 4) a) Fuji Xerox Black Laser Toner - CT 201610, CT 201918, CT 201937, CT 201938, CT 202330 b) Fuji Xerox Color Laser Toner - CT 201591/2/3/4 (BCMY), CT 201632/3/4/5 (BCMY), CT 202264/5/6/7 (BCMY). 5) a) HP Black Laser Toner - CB 435 A (HP 35 A), CB 436 A (HP 36 A), CE 255 A (HP 55 A), CE 278 A (HP 78 A), CE 285 A (HP 85 A), CE 505 A / X (HP 05 A / X), CF 280 A / X (HP 80 A / X), CF 283 A (HP 83 A), Q2612 A (HP 12 A). b) HP Color Laser Toner - CE 310/1/2/3 A (HP 126 A) BCYM, CE 410/1/2/3 A (HP 305 A) BCYM, CF 210/1/2/3 A (HP131 A) BCYM, CF 350/1/2/3 A (HP 130 A) BCYM. c) HP Inkjet Cartridges - Not listed, Please Call and Whats App 65 - 9170-6801 for Quotation and Pricing inclusive queries. 6) a) Samsung Black Laser Toner - MLT-D 104 S, MLT-D 111 S, MLT-D 116 S, MLT-D 116 L. b) Samsung Color Laser Toner - Not Listed, Please Call and Whats App 65 - 9170-6801 for Quotation and Pricing inclusive queries. 7) Nippon-ink Refill Ink (Universal) 100ml Bottle and Syringe - BCMY with 1 Syringe. Color (CMY) Syringe Tubes per pack with Accessories. Single Tube for Cleaning Solution. Paper Media from Nippon-ink Brand 1) Nippon-ink Inkjet A4 Paper (110 gm) 100 Sheets per pack - $10 inclusive GST. 2) Nippon-ink Glossy A4 Paper (230 gm) 20 Sheets per pack - $10 inclusive GST. 3) Nippon-ink Self Adhesive A4 Paper (125 gm) 20 Sheet per pack - $10 inclusive GST. Special Promotion - Purchase with Purchase - Purchase any IT Accessories, Laser Toner and inkjet Cartridges eligible to purchase Paper Media and Gaming Mouse products at 20% Discount from the stated price. Subject to changes without any advance notice given. Gaming Mouse - 6 & 7 Buttons with LED Lights and Right Hand Contours Layout. 1) Gaming Mouse 6 Buttons (White Color with LED Lights) - $18 inclusive GST. 2) Gaming Mouse 7 Buttons (Red Color with LED lights and Right Hand contour layout on casing for Better Grip) - $21 inclusive GST. Both mouse can use for normal function. Example the seven buttons when fire it provide 2 shots while you use to open any file just click one time instead of 2 times. Free Delivery (Waiver) for purchase of 2 or 3 pieces for Laser Toners and 2 or 3 sets (BCMY) for Inkjet Cartridges and Purchase must be above $50. For Purchase amount below $50 - $5 Delivery Charges exclude CBD and Tuas Area. For CBD and Tuas Area only - For Purchase amount below $60 - $5 Delivery Charge. For Original Laser Toner only - For Purchase amount below $100 - $5 Delivery Charges. We are GST Registered Company with Invoices, subject to 7% GST and Warranty from Date of Purchase. All Unit Price shown, quoted and indicated exclude GST. For Quotation, please call or Whats App 65 - 9170-6801. Upon confirmation, will deliver within 1 to 3 working days, depend on Stock Availability (FIFO). We distribute by "Words of Mouth" through Referral, Introduction and Recommendation for more than 20 years. Please help us to recommend, relay, pass and transfer to those Parties interested in our "Products and Services" - Trusted Products. Original claim "Non-Genuine" cartridge "might" damage printer and "Void Warranty". "Might" means "Suspect" only - require evidences instead of "General Remarks" without supporting evidences and justification. Such "Half True and Half False" Remarks can cause Misunderstanding, Miscommunication, Misrepresentation, Misleading, Confusion and/or unnecessary Conflicts. Is this Ethical and Professional? Is this True? Example - User 100% using Original Inkjet Cartridges, the Print Head still "Clog". Why? Is this Compatible Ink Cartridge Problem? Note: For Brother and Epson Inkjet, print head built-in will encountered such problem, Canon Inkjet is removable and replaceable by User. While HP, Canon (Some models), Dell, Lexmark and Samsung Inkjet, print head on cartridges (Use and Throw) will not have such issue but product cost is much higher. Proven Manufacturers' Design issue - Using Ink Cartridge to purge the dirt for Cleaning process. Result in Full and Below Half Cartridge Ink Capacity varies in performance. To conceal their design fault without disclosure and push the blames to others. Purpose and Intention - To create "Fear, Uncertainties and Doubts" (FUD) and to "Threaten" General Consumers and Users in the Open Market to their advantages and benefits. Objective - To Disrupt, Distort, Disturb, Destroy, Confuse, Fear and Prevent Competition. Result in "Breach" the Anti-Competition Act under Chapter 50 B in Singapore. For more detail information please seek and clarify directly with CASE, CCS and MTI. Lately Government Authorities are passing new laws to prevent "False" information. Sorry! we unable to provide legal advise. Please seek your own legal advisor. We deliver in person and called before delivery with date and time estimated. Note: Sing Post unable to accept by Mail, for more detail information,verification and clarification please contact Sing Post directly. In case of products' queries, feel free to contact us directly for clarification if necessary. If you appreciate our "Products and Services" please click "Follower" and "Likes" our Facebook and recommend friends and associates accordingly. Information as indicated below are for your reference and self-explanatory: E-mail: Call and/or Whats App: 65 - 9170-6801 For other products visit Like us on Facebook: Disclaimer: All brands names, logo, trademarks, drawings, designs, pictures, patents and copyrights belongs to all the respective manufacturers and owners directly. It uses for information, description, illustration, demonstration and explanation purposes only.

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Free Delivery - For Purchase above $50 Exclude CBD and Tuas Area. For Tuas and CBD only - Free Delivery - For Purchase above $60. For Original Cartridges only - Free Delivery - For Purchase above $100. Any amount stated above (Purchase below) subject to $5 Delivery Charge. Address - 126 Joo Seng Road #06-17 (368355). Self-Collection please call and/or WhatsApp 9170-6801 before coming - To ensure Stock Availability. (Office Cum Warehouse) - Operation Period: Monday to Friday Only - Exclude Saturday, Sunday and Public Holiday. Time (Office Hours) - 10 AM to 5 PM. Note: For Saturday, Sunday and Public Holiday delivery please confirmed on Friday (Cut-Off Time before 5 pm) and must be accepted and confirm by sender in advance.