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Brunei Prepaid SIM Card


2 years ago by yunnnn








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🌍 Trusted Prepaid SIM Card Seller - See Reviews! 📶 All SIM Cards are guaranteed to be working. 100% fuss free refund policy if SIM Card is faulty 📑 All SIM Cards come with our own HOMEMADE instruction sheets 🛎 Support WhatsApp Hotline Available after Purchase Please see my profile for other SIM Cards. --- Going to Brunei? Buy a Prepaid SIM card in Singapore first! Registration Paperwork is done for you in Singapore. -- 🔴 Option 1 - Brunei Data SIM Card Telco: DST / Other Telcos Network: 4G LTE (where available) Data Allowance: 1GB High Speed Data Per Day; after 1GB, speed is reduced to 64kbps 🔹 No call or SMS service - if you use ANY call or SMS, the data allowance will be cut short. 🔹 Registration is needed before using SIM Card. It is done in Singapore for you. 🔹 Back Page of Passport is necessary for registration. One passport can register up to 5 SIM Cards. 🔹 Please decide number of active days on purchase. Reload after activation will cost more. ❤️ Price Cost: $10 (SIM Card Only, No Data) Data Cost: Approx $4 per day (00:00 ~ 23:59 hrs) 🔹 For reference (Data Cost ONLY): 4 Active Days - $20 5 Active Days - $24 8 Active Days - $36 10 Active Days - $44 12 Active Days - $52 14 Active Days - $60 15 Active Days - $64 20 Active Days - $84 21 Active Days - $88 30 Active Days - $124 🔹 You have to pay DATA COST (as above) + SIM CARD ($10). 🔹 Minimum Purchase: 4 Active Days to prevent service disruption 🔹 IMPORTANT: We topup more than sufficient money inside the SIM Card upon purchase. Usage of SIM for any purpose other than DATA, such as OUTGOING CALLS/SMS and INCOMING CALLS will affect the number of days that you can use data. We will not be responsible if there is insufficient money. In case of dispute, Telco bill is available for you to verify any unintended charges. You only need to pay for the calendar days that you use data. We will advise actual cost once you tell us number of days needed. 🔹 Active Days do not need to be consecutive; you can use it on separate days (i.e. Use on Mon, Wed, Fri only means pay for 3 days).When you don't turn on the data for the day, no need to pay for that day. NOTE: All active days must be used within 1 month from date of activation. 🔴 Option 2 - Brunei Data SIM Card Telco: DST / Other Telcos Network: 4G LTE (where available) Data Allowance: 4GB High Speed Data, after 4gb unlimited at 128kbps Validity: 15 Days No extension permitted. 15 days starts counting from the FIRST DAY the SIM card is connected to network. Price: $50 --- Due to cost of SIM Card, we advise tethering or sharing hotspot with around 3 to 4 friends. If any more than 3 to 4 friends, you may experience slow or bad connection. Tethering must be done from an Android Phone or MiFi Hotspot (iPhone CANNOT tether). --- We don't sell this SIM stated below. It is for comparison purposes only. Compare to if you purchase SIM Card in Brunei: - Starter Pack Cost at least B$30 (with B$5 Credit) - Registration needed at the shop - 3GB Data plan costs B$20 (so you have to pay another B$20 to topup) - Your Total Cost: At Least B$50 per person --- Refund Policy: Payment, Collection and Delivery: 🔹 Please READ instruction sheet inside the package IMMEDIATELY upon receiving package. 🔹 Important registration or usage steps are stated on the instruction sheet. 🔹 Self-Collect: At My Block OR Bishan MRT 6.30pm-7pm on Monday, Wednesday, Friday 🔹 SINGPOST Regular Mail - FREE (No Tracking, No Lost Mail Claims Entertained, Posting Proof is Provided, 1 - 10 Business Days Delivery) 🔹 SINGPOST SmartPac - $2.90 (With Tracking, 1 - 3 Business Days Delivery) 🔹 RoadBull / SimplyPost Courier - $4 (1 - 2 Business Days Delivery) 🔹 Same Day Delivery Courier - $14 (4 - 6 Hours Delivery) --- (For Export Only and not for use in Singapore) travel sim, data sim, travel data sim, overseas sim card, overseas data, overseas internet, mifi, wifi, prepaid sim, prepaid data, wanderlust, brunei, Bandar Seri Begawan, Kuala Belait, Seria, saf, nsf

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derelomeExcellent seller. bought from seller previously more
3 hours ago
leamourSeller was prompt in mailing out the prepaid more
15 hours ago
skapunk_01Thanks for the items!! Great seller to deal with
3 days ago