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[Bundle Promo- FREE DELIVERY] Lemon Scented Training Pads Pee Pad for Dog Puppy WEE WEE PAD Potty Training for Dog







Description When it comes to housetraining, this Lemon Scented Training Pads help ease the process by giving your pup a place to relieve himself. The lemon-scented antibacterial pads have a built-in attractant to help encourage your canine companion to use the pad instead of your rug, bed or other furniture in your home. They are highly absorbent with five layers of protection and the quick-drying gel helps eliminate leaks, tracking, and foul odors. In addition to house training puppies, these pads are just as paw-fect for older dogs who may need to stay indoors for an extended period of time. Best of all, they are easy to clean up and they are available in three different counts to suit your needs! Key Benefits >Perfect for housetraining puppies or helping to prevent accidents in older dogs. >Built-in attractant helps stop your dog from defaulting to rugs, couches, beds and other areas in your home when nature calls. >The antibacterial, highly absorbent pads have 6 layers and a lemon scent to help stop leaks, tracking, and odors. >Fast-drying gel helps stop tracking and locks in moisture. >Use them in your car, to line crates and carriers, or to dry wet paws! M Size: 45 x 60cm ( 50Pc/pack) Price: 1 pack for $14 ( Delivery charge $5 or Self Collect FREE) Bundle Promotion: Bundle of 3 : $42 ( FREE DELIVERY) For more information please contact hp 98899957 Visit our website for more products:

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