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Buona Vista CC Badminton Training For Adult Badminton Training July Intake 2017


11 months ago by stba2007




Become a coach really difficult now ,still need to do marketing.ha..ha..anyway just want to let everyone know i am open new intake for 2017 in July for my academy. Fresh Student ( high beginner - low intermediate and above ) age 24 to 45. Venue : Buona Vista CC Weekdays - Every Monday Group size : Maximum 4 student per classes. Time: 7:30 - 9:30pm I guess everyone know my coaching style. If you are hardworking on training,we are good friend,if you are not. Don't waste each other times,human life damn short now, age of 70 can't enjoy at heaven already,yet to go heaven also can't train already. One year one year past too fast For those who are a lot excuses example today need overtime,tomorrow urgent work to be done. Late sleep so can't come family or parents bla bla bla macam kid like that. Haiya better don't join sleep early. You can have such reason i can understand sometime really can't control. I only can say If you can't stay well living disciplined lifestyle. Suggest to whom may concern better watch youtube and improve at home. Or you can easily get a coach in Singapore by pay for $60 or $80 per hours, they willing spend time with you with happy and joy. But i'm not with you sorry, your that money keep yourself. I need your improvement to prove me my time spend on you is worth. Hence, i have adult student who are join us about 1 year ,2 year or almost 3 years. All are hardworking person even senior citizen age of 65 in this 2 years she come punctually train harder even how i torture her. I can commit that in my group no one trainee are having such person last minutes can't come with reason or excuses. So all this well disciplined trainee join together they will be enjoy the training. Also,that's why in my group no fat girl ,no fat boy. Because i almost spend my day time to think and plan suitable training for them individually . That's why all of them fat also become slim,no stamina also become good stamina..ha..ha.. Lastly ,if you are interested in badminton training, you can read more from here official website . You also can refer training video to decide : Official Location : Website : Tags: badminton training singapore ,badminton training singapore east ,badminton coach singapore ,badminton course singapore ,badminton coach singapore east ,badminton coach singapore west ,badminton training course singapore ,badminton training school singapore ,badminton training centre singapore ,badminton training program singapore ,badminton training academy in singapore ,ST Badminton Academy ,singapore badminton training ,badminton coaching buona vista ,badminton academy singapore ,badminton training academy in singapore ,singapore badminton academy ,junior sports academy singapore badminton ,adult badminton training ,adult badminton lesson ,adult badminton classes.

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