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Phra Salika (Butterfly Amulet) Phim Siliam (Square Shape Mould) had created not more than a total of 100 pieces in earliest batch (25+ years ago). Only 100% hand-made by Kruba Kritsana will signed by himself personally. The above shown piece, which is maintain in a perfect condition and was inserted 5 blue crystals, 2 green crystals and 2 pieces of silver takruts on the back, which is consists a very rare piece. ** Phim Lek (Small mould) - Suitable for Lady 蝴蝶牌功效的來源 蝴蝶牌的功效來源分兩部分,一部分功效來自高僧的修為,另一部分則源自蝴蝶牌的製作材料。 蝴蝶佛牌的製作材料中有各種花粉和檀香木,佩戴蝴蝶佛牌會散發一種天然的香味,具有特別的魅力。大師在製作佛牌後會通過誦經進行加持,賦予佛牌精靈的力量。另外,現在的蝴蝶牌製作也非常精緻,非常適合女孩服飾搭配,在外表上也非常具有吸引力。 蝴蝶佛牌還具有招財的功能。大師在製作蝴蝶牌時,很多都加入了紅藍綠不同的寶石,通過大師的誦經加持,更加加強了佩戴者財氣的功效。