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Buy 2 get 1 FREE. Terms & Conditions Apply. Consigned item sold "As Is/ Where Is" with no guarantees, warranties, refunds or exchanges. Not for the fussy. goodmemorylane Parenting book. A Year's Worth Of New And Creative Ways For Parents To Connect With Their Kids Sounds like you've heard this all before, right? If 365 Ways To Connect With Your Kids were just an activity book, the answer would be yes. But this book is so much more than that because it gives parents new ways they never thought of to be present for their children in the midst of the busyness all around them. Parenting is an uphill, downhill, fun-inducing, sometimes slam-dunking ride. Yet, author Charlene Baumbich believes that rather than enjoying the ride, far too many parent are stressed out and filled with fear. Too often, it's all about them and how they're doing as parents rather than about their children and the relationship. 365 Ways To Connect With Your Kids was written to help parents let go of their fears and believe in the warmth and wisdom they have to bestow on their children and be open to the spontaneity, enthusiasm and lessons their children have to share. Through a series of mini stories about connectedness in action--as well as a few examples of what being disconnected looks like--365 Ways To Connect With Your Kids will help you connect with your children in a hands-on, positive, fun, thought-provoking, warm and rewarding way for both of you. No matter what the age of your child or yourself, it is never too late to try something new or re-nourish something old and meaningful. 365 Ways To Connect With Your Kids will help you not only enjoy the ride, but also wallow in the blessings as well as the trails and challenges along the way. Charlene Ann Bumbich is an author, speaker, award-winning journalist and humorist. But most important, she is the mother of two grown sons with whom she continues to be joyfully connected. Amazon Reviews A valuable read for parents & grandparents By Midwest Book Review on July 12, 2002 365 Ways To Connect With Your Kids by mother, author, speaker, journalist, and humorist Charlene Ann Baumbich is an engaging collection of a variety of ways for adults and children to bond and share, ranging from sharing the fun of an audiobook during a car ride, together to ringing in the new year, to learning how to let go of grudges. A valuable read for parents, grandparents, sitters, and just about everyone else, 365 Ways To Connect With Your Kids is very highly recommended and accessible reading. Funny, touching, inspiring and messy...just like parenthood By P. Halvey on February 28, 2001 With "365 Ways" humorist Charlene Baumbich maintains her humorous style without becoming maudlin or preachy, two very real dangers in any parenting book. The book is filled with short stories by her and contributors (including myself) that recount special and sometimes ordinary moments that left impressions and lessons. The stories are humorous, heartbreaking, inspiring, a typical day as a parent. I enjoyed the range of ages covered in the book. There are cute toddlers-say-the-darndest-things stories and moving stories of parents and adult children facing life as peers. It's a fun book to grab and read pages at random. But there are underlying themes threading the stories together. A lot of effort went into this book and it's a nice piece of work.

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