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Buy 2 get 1 FREE. Terms & Conditions Apply. Parenting book. Spine intact. Consigned item sold "As Is/ Where Is" with no guarantees, warranties, refunds or exchanges. Not for the fussy. No reservation unless money is transferred. goodmemorylane The first fully-illustrated handbook to help new parents cope with every aspect of childcare. Warmly written, brilliantly designed, thoroughly practical, and completely up-to-date, Day-by-Day Baby Care features hundreds of marvelous two-color diagrams and black and white photos illustrating every daily routine -- from holding to feeding to bathing to diapering to dressing your new baby. At nine months: Your baby will make determined efforts to crawl and may be able to support himself on hands and knees. Gently support your baby's head in the crook of your arm. Cradle your baby so that her head rests on your shoulder. Turn to this book for help in solving problems on the spot with dozens of charts and tips on everything from the causes of and "cures" for crying to advice on dealing with bedwetting and home treatment of common ailments. You'll also find terrific information on baby equipment, on safety-proofing your home, and on your child's development. This is a book you'll pick up almost as often as you pick up your baby! Amazon Reviews Wonderful reference for preparing for your first baby By Robin McCall ( on October 14, 1999 I love this author. She is very down-to-earth. I buy this book and her Pregnancy & Birth book for everyone in my family who gets pregnant. For first time moms it really lays out everything you will need to be completely ready once the baby arrives. It breaks everything down so you are prepared and keeps you informed of things you will need well into the first year. I recommend this book. Best How-To Book Ever! By A Customer on May 15, 2000 My pediatrican recommended this book when my now 13-year-old was born, and it's only slight hyperbole to say that my children are alive and well because Miriam Stoppard! The book gives very practical advice on how to wrap a baby, tips to dress a baby, how to bathe a baby, how to take a temperature, etc. My mother-in-law was in awe of my skills and never guessed that I was so proficient because I'd been reading the book before she came over! The book also has growth charts in the back where you can record your children's height and weight progress and compare it against several norms. I'm reviewing this book now because I'm on-line to order the upteenth copy for another friend who is expecting.

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