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Buy 2 get 1 FREE. Terms & Conditions Apply. Out of print 2004 edition. Spine intact. Consigned item sold "As Is/ Where Is" with no guarantees, warranties, refunds or exchanges. Not for the fussy. goodmemorylane The complete guide to a healthy recovery from the effects of C-section birthing. Almost 1 out of 4 deliveries is by cesarean section. Whether or not the procedure is planned, cesarean section must be considered major abdominal surgery and surgical recovery is a necessary process towards complete healing. Cesarean Recovery guides new mothers through the healing process in conjunction with her medical care. The new mother will discover when and how to start her recovery -- from her first attempts at sitting up in the hospital bed, through to standing and on to mastering her first exercises. This special guide includes straightforward and detailed information on: Safe and effective exercises for regaining pre-pregnancy shape Regaining vitality and strength with daily and weekly exercise routines Fun-to-do and effective routines that include mother and baby Diet, breastfeeding and postpartum problems Incision care and advice for repeat cesarean sections Written in an accessible style and illustrated with color photography throughout, Cesarean Recovery shows mothers, step-by-step, how to recover from the surgery as they care for their newborn. Amazon Reviews Excellent Book By LivingForJ on August 28, 2006 This book should be handed out in hospitals for women who have had a c-section. For a woman with no knowledge on what to expect before, during, and after a c-section, this book contains all the information that I needed to know. The book is very easy to read, every page is in glossy color with many pictures on what to expect and how to do the recovery exercises. The section on breastfeeding is very helpful as well. The book is divided into sections for each part of recovery, from 1-3 days, 4-7, weeks 2-12, 12-24, etc. I started reading this from my library on week 11 and started from the beginning exercises (from day 1) and feel GREAT after doing them. I was unsure what exercises I could do besides keigals and walking, this answered everything for me. I highly recommend! American version of "Caesarean Recovery" By jg on March 10, 2015 This is the American version of "Caesarean Recovery" by Gallagher-Mundy all the text is the same as the English version just with some spelling changes. I would equally recommend either one, we accidentally purchased both thinking they were different books due to the cover art being different as well as the spelling of Caesarean / Cesarean. Bought this for my spouse when we found out she would be having a caesarean section. She really liked the information about mobility after the surgery and tips for proper breastfeeding after surgery. I would recommend for anyone who is looking for good information on what to expect in the days and weeks after a caesarean section. Great full-color guide By Rolen K. West on October 7, 2015 Great full-color guide. I really like how it's ALL about recovery, which is what I need a lot more than surgery prep. I wish they had a more updated edition--the photos are totally 90s! Great Product! By jshalfpop on January 30, 2013 It had good exercises to do safely after my c-section and gave me advice and tips to do following the birth of my son. I would recommend this book.

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