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Buy 2 get 1 FREE. Terms & Conditions Apply. Consigned item sold "As Is/ Where Is" with no guarantees, warranties, refunds or exchanges. Not for the fussy. bookmemorylane Donna Hill introduces sisters long divided by their mother's favoritism--now reunited in Washington, D.C., one sister's sudden illness is the catalyst for a long waited reconciliation. Carmen Green takes two very different sisters to beautiful Martha's Vineyard, where a week in the warm and healing sun brings mutual understanding. Jamice Sims unites two estranged sisters in new York City where their childhood loyalty is tested, a new life is welcomed--and a family restored. From three favorite authors, Sister, Sister brings you three short stories about the trials and bonds of sisterhood. Amazon Reviews Worth The Wait! By Leslie Cannon on October 4, 2001 Having seen the advisterments for Sister, Sister, I waited in anticipation for the book's arrival. Having read this beautifully crafted and superiorly written work, I must now borrow from the old cliche' that "good things are worth waiting for!" Whoever masterminded this grouping of stories by Donna Hill, Janice Sims and Carmen Green should be credited with "pure genius." These three ladies together have created pieces that are as sweet a treat as apple pie and baseball! And just as all Americans love apple pie and baseball, it is but inevitable that all readers will love Sister, Sister! In Sister, Sister, love and forgiveness are the powerful messages that shine through. Hill, Sims and Green all paint very believable pictures of the pains, disappointments and earth-shattering revelations that are often apart of family relationships. These things might destroy the average person, but not the strong-willed heroines in the Sister, Sister Anthology. These heroines possess the spunk, character and fortitude to come through the muddest of waters-with heads still held high and hearts still full of unconditional love. I would highly recommend the reading of Sister, Sister. But I caution readers to keep the soft, throwable objects and tissue close. For the stories have been so powerfully told that they elicit every emotion--from rage to sadness. And in the end...Satisfaction-Guaranteed! Oh No, She Didn't! By Sabrina Demps on December 4, 2001 You know when a sister says those words some drama is about to start, right? Well, get ready to work your necks girl-friends; these ladies have come out slinging! Janice Sims, Carmen Green and Donna Hill have provided me with some of my favorite stories in the romance genre. So, I waited with bated breath to get my hands on this mainstream anthology featuring their works. I was not disappointed! Each novella in the anthology introduces us to two sisters that are struggling to hold on to, repair or rebuild relationships that were torn under hurtful circumstances. It's heart-rending to see lies, jealousy and misunderstanding create wedges between these ladies. However, it is their sisterhood that dictates they learn to re-trust, confide in and remain loyal to one another. As far as I know, this is the first foray into mainstream novels for both Janice Sims and Carmen Green. It was quite refreshing to see them operate outside the bounds of romance novels. You'll find that their storylines contain scenarios that are more true to life...not the "postcard perfect" situations required by most romance publishing companies. Also, their characters are allowed to have some serious "flaws" that readers will be able to relate to. Trust me, you'll find somebody you know in this book somewhere. I have come to expect great storylines from Janice Sims - I've probably read everything she's written. Her work in Sister, Sister is testament to her ability to keep the reader enthralled. While reading "Best Left Unsaid" by Ms. Sims, I found myself saying, "Oh no she didn't!" more than a couple of times. When I said, "these ladies have come out slinging" I meant it! Be forewarned: these stories will hit close to home for some, in which case they'll make you laugh, cry, cuss and work your neck for sure. This was a great read. I'm looking forward to more mainstream as well as romance stories from these authors. If you have sisters, female cousins, sister-friends, or "crazy momma drama" in your life, you'll definitely want to [pick] this up! 5.0 out of 5 starsgreat read By anonymous on November 5, 2001 I loved this novel. Donna Hill's story about to sisters Angela and Gayla was very heartfelt.They were turned against each other by their mother and had to find away to overcome their anger,jealousy and grief over what happened between them.Carmen's story about one sister Sandra who always took care of her sister and her problems,mainly raising her sisters son which plays a major role in this story between the two sisters Sandra and Lola. Janice story was also wonderful I,had never read anything by her until now Rhonda and her sister Luanne had a lot of making up to do for lost time and a lot of secrets had to come out between the two sisters for them to mend a broken heart.

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