Buy A Used Book John C. Maxwell, Three Books in One Volume: The Winning Attitude/Developing the Leaders Around You/Becoming a Person of Influence [JOHN C MAXWELL 3 BKS IN 1 -OS] Hardcover – 2000


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New York Times Bestselling Author. The Winning Attitude-Attitude is everything. Not everyone understands that, and as a result, negative attitudes can keep us feeling defeated or make us settle for second best. In this book, John Maxwell shows you how to change your attitude and maintain a mind-set that leads to success. With the right attitude, you can overcome life's difficulties, gain influence with people, and turn problems into opportunities. Developing The Leaders Around You - A business, church, or other organization does not reach the pinnacle of success because of one person. In this practical book, John Maxwell outlines strategies that help leaders transform their vision into reality by identifying and training potential leaders. He also lists specific "People skills" necessary for achieving that goal. Becoming a Person of Influence - In this book, authors John Maxwell and Jim Dornan teach you how to interact more positively with people, offering insights that are practical and easy to apply to everyday life...Whether you are a pastor, business person, parent, or coach, these important principles can turn you into a person who impacts others' lives.

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