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Buy from us to help raise Funds for Medical & Household Expenses, Children School Pocket Monies/Stationery/Tuition & Enrichment......etc Kettle Issues (Cont'd) Repairing Currently used Kettle again since 6/8 April Outburst (In the following Brief, he/his refers to the Depressive Patient) Brief of what happen last night(Sunday 23 Apr) (1)Last night Dinner Preparation Time, the Currently used Glass Kettle can't function again. (2) he didn't want to give the Wife the Newly Bought Cordless Base for the SS Kettle so that the Wife can boil water to prepare quick dinner & to boil water for Monday Children bring to School Water Bottles (3) he offered to repair shortly after his rest (the Wife don't know why he need rest again cuz he has been resting at home most of the time if he has no relieve job(s). (4) he tried repair but not able to get the Glass Kettle in working condition till finally he passed the Wife the Cordless Base to boil Water using the Newly Bought SS Kettle. [the electric wire is connected to the Cordless Base for Boiling Water] (5) now(Monday morning on 24 Apr) after his morning breeze walk exercise that he re-picked up only ytd (Sunday)morning, and after his 2nd shower since 9am, he started to repair the Glass Kettle at 11am on the MasterBedroom Floor which is near to the Power Points. (5a) Children went to School with Study Tables available with Power Points. The Wife don't know why he is not using the Study Table for this repair (which he has been using for repair own home & his own mother/siblings used items whenever he needs power points) (6) He is still trying his best to fix the Currently Used but frequently not functioning Since 6/8 Apr Glass Kettle thou alr Newly bought a SS Kettle on 8 Apr 2017. Side Track a bit here : he had been either ranting at the Wife / ransacking drawers, kitchen cabinets, fridge, freezer .........for daily trivial issues (the Wife would like to Consider those funny unreasonable acts from him on 'Wife Considered Small Matter Items' as 'trivial issues' here.

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