C142 Talking with Twentieth century women. by peter watson jenkins


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Dialogues with Masters of the spirit world: II Talking with twentieth-century women. Can You Really Chat with the Departed? Toni Ann Winninger does just that every day. A leading US psychic she amazes us with her ability to channel famous people of the past. Here she helps her colleague British author Peter Watson Jenkins talk informally with 21 deceased leading women of the twentieth century, just as if they had come for tea and a chat about the old days. Toni and Peter have had years of practice contacting the Other Side. They firmly believe in what they are doing. They say it's quite OK for you to be skeptical - but you'll still want to ask lots of questions! Here is a sample of Peter's questions answered in this book: * Does Marie Curie think cell phone radiation is dangerous? * Was Amelia Earhart captured by the Japanese? * What amazing musical experience did Maria Callas, Marian Anderson, and Ella Fitzgerald all share? * Was Sylvia Plath killed by her husband Ted Hughes? * Did doubts about God make Mother Teresa a hypocrite? * Does Georgia O'Keeffe still visit her favorite mountain? * Was Marilyn Monroe's death really an accident? * What does Golda Meir think will happen to Earth soon, and do Margaret Mead and Rachel Carson agree with her? * Was Carmen Miranda's depression caused by spousal abuse? * What memory can still make Helen Keller angry? * How does Judy Garland get on with her five husbands now? * What emotion does Anne Frank now feel about the Nazis? * What secret did Barbara Jordan share with Nancy Earl? * How did Olympian medalist Wilma Rudolph succeed? * Did the Manson gang kill Sharon Tate's unborn baby's soul? * Will Selena Quintanilla-Perez ever forgive Yolanda Saldivar? * Does Jane Addams think praying for peace is a mistake?