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Complete with original box and everything as bought, nothing missing! Perfect working condition! Used only 1 or 2 times! Screen protected with screen protector film For specs, follow the link below: Canon's original full package includes 1. Camera 2. Battery Pack NB-4L 3. Battery Charger CB-2LVE + Charging Cable 4. Memory Card (32MB) 5. Interface Cable IFC-400PCU (Long) 6*. AV Cable AVC-DC300 (Sealed, Unopened) 7. Wrist Strap WS-DC2 8. Canon Digital Camera Solution Disk 9. User Guides: Camera User Guide + Direct Print User Guide + Software Starter Guide Also included for free are: 1. Camera Pouch 2. Extra Interface Cable (Short) 3. Screen Protector 4. Memory Card Plastic Holder Type: Point & Shoot Brand: Canon

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