Canon G7X Mark II Rental (VERY CHEAP RATES)


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Rental of CANON G7X MARK II. [ CHECK RENTING SCHEDULE HERE: ] Rental rates: [ALL FIXED PRICES] 🔥 Min 3 days 🔥 First day: $15 Subsequent days $10 1 month & abv: $20 first day + $7 subsequent day Please declare if you are using for overseas uses. There will be an extra charge of $25 for oversea rentals and the refundable deposit will be $200, WHY RENT FROM US: 1. We are a register business under Singapore Government. We have the right to rent out photography equipment. 2. Flexible collection and return time slots. 3. Cheap and easy rates. 4. Low deposit fee. Requirements for BOOKING: - Duration of rental + Meeting time - $50 deposit confirmation fee (Refund upon camera return. Non-refund upon cancellation) - Picture of NRIC (front and back) Requirements for COLLECTION: - Full payment of rental - $50 security deposit (Refund upon camera return) - Photocopy of NRIC (front and back) - for me to keep - Original NRIC - for me to check and return Terms of collection and return: 1. Renter will come over to my place to collect and return the camera. There will be extra charges for collection/returning at a different location. 2. $100 total deposit will be returned. What's included: 1. 1x G7X MARK II Camera 2. 1x G7X MARK II Wrist Strap (on camera) 3. 1x 16GB Sandisk Memory Card 4. 1x Original Battery 5. 1x Original Charger with cable 6. 1x Canon Carrying Case 7. 1x Mini Gorilla Tripod (same as picture) [ONLY IF REQUIRED] + $10 **ANY DAMAGES TO CAMERA WILL BE ACCOUNTED BY RENTER. REPAIR OR REPLACEMENT FEE WILL BE CHARGED TO RENTER. SO PLEASE TAKE CARE OF THE CAMERA LIKE IT IS YOUR OWN! **ESTABLISHED & REGISTERED BUSINESS IN SINGAPORE. WE HAVE LEGAL RIGHTS TO RENT PHOTOGRAPHY EQUIPMENT.