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Buy Canvas Bible Cover Small Size With Handle at Bayfront Shop as a gift for your Christian Brothers & Sisters in Christ. Consider to buy for others too. It can be use as a book cover protector. Free Delivery only in Singapore. Price in USD. 64K Size : 16.5 * 11.5 * 4 cm [Color Available] dark green, black, red, light blue View the colors and purchase at For other sizes, 28 * 21 * 6 cm S$45.90 visit 23 * 16 * 5.5cm S$41.90 visit 19.5 * 14.5 * 4.5 cm S$38.90 visit Note: Does not include Bible. Is just Bible Cover. No stock in SG. Stock in China. Send direct from China. Estimated Delivery 17-33 days. Please indicate the color & size you want when you order.

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