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Car Aircon servicing (a/c flush)







CAR AIRCON FLUSH (SERVICING) $60 Same price for Asian, conti makes, commercial vehicle. *hybrid car $80 45-60minute time frame for -extract old aircon gas -extract of contamination -extract contaminate oil -vacuum and leak check -recharge of new oil -new aircon gas, 134a refrigerant recharge _________________________________________ OTHER AIRCON SERVICES -cooling coil treatment from $55 -topup aircon gas $20 -replace cooling coil -replace fan motor -replace radiator -replace condenser _________________________________________ CAR SERVICING Basic servicing(house pour) 5w40 $38 Shell 5w40(free bosch wiper) $65πŸ‘ Shell 0w30 $65 Synergy Platinium5w40 $50 Totachi 5w50 $65 Totachi 0w20 $65πŸ‘ Totachi 5w30 $65 Totachi 5w40 $65πŸ‘(free bosch wiper) Castrol edge 5w40 $85πŸ‘ Castrol edge 0w20$100πŸ‘(petrol, hybrid) Liquimoly special tech 0w20 πŸ‘ Liquimoly special tech 5w30 πŸ‘ Liquimoly leichtlauf high tech 5w40 πŸ‘ Liquimoly toptech4100 5w40 πŸ‘ REV1 5w30 (free bosch wiper) $78 REV1 0w40 (free bosch wiper) $88 Bardahl 5w30, 5w40(with 3in1 booster) $108 Honda Leo 0w20 $80 Toyota 0w20 $80 Toyota 5w30 $80 Eneos 0w20 $65 Gulf 0w20 $98 (free bosch wiper) Gulf 5w30 $98 (free bosch wiper) Gulf 5w40 $98 (free bosch wiper) Autobacs 0w20, 5w30,5w40 $88 (free autobacs wiper) Hengst 5w40 $88 Hengst 5w30 c3 $88 Amsoil Signature 0w20 πŸ‘πŸ‘ Amsoil Signature 5w30 πŸ‘πŸ‘ Amsoil European 5w30 πŸ‘πŸ‘ Amsoil European 5w40 πŸ‘πŸ‘ Amsoil OE 0w20 πŸ‘ Amsoil OE 5w30 πŸ‘ Amsoil OE 5w40 πŸ‘ *above quote base on 4L, additional topup if require additional litre *servicing include labour charge and all necessary points check *conti makes(bmw, merc, audi, vw, citroen, peogeot) topup $25 oil filter *commercial vehicle topup $25 oil filter Castrol vecton 15w40 CK4 $10/L ___________________________________________ Add on: -Castrol shampoo(flush) $20 -Liquimoly Catalytic system cleaner $68 -Liquimoly 3in1(flush, additive, injector cleaner) -Liquimoly Ceratec -Bardahl 3in1 $50 -Mitsunobu platinum additive $72πŸ‘ -Mitsunobu platinum gold $76πŸ‘ -Decarbon $50 _________________________________________ -Amsoil Fuel efficient ATF from $108 -Amsoil Multi Vehicle ATF from $108 -Amsoil CVT from $108 -CASTROL ATF(fully synthetic) $100 Toyota T, T2, T3, T4, WS, Nissan matic D, J, S Mitsubishi SP2, IIM, III, PA, J3 Mazda ATF M-III, M-V, JWS 3317, FZ Hyundai/Kia SPIII, SP IV, Suzuki AT Oil 5D06, 2384K, JWS 3314,JWS3317 Subaru F6, Red1 HONDA ATF-Z1, ATF DW-1 ISUZU (where Toyota T-IV is required) Aisin transmission requiring JWS 3309 -CASTROL TRANSMAX CVT(fully synthetic) $100 Toyota CVT Fluid TC & FE Nissan CVT Fluid NS-3 Mazda CVTF 3320 Subaru i-CVT fluid & i-CVT FG Daihatsu AMMIX CVT Fluid-DC Mitsubishi DIAQUEEN ATF SP-III, CVT Fluid J1 & J4 Suzuki CVT Fluid 3320, Green 1, Green 2, CVTF TC, NS-2 Honda HCF-2 Hyundai/Kia SP-III, Chrysler NS-2, CVTF+4 Mini Cooper EZL799 Ford CVT23 Mercedes Benz 236.20 -vw 7speed with mu oil change $180 -vw 6speed oil change $280 (please check for exact price) *Also available original ATF/CVT Hmmf, hcf2, honda dw1, Toyota type4, Toyota cvt, hyundai sp4, Mitsubishi, Nissan, vw 6speed, vw 7speed _________________________________________ Aircon cooling coil treatment -$55 (Asian makes) -$88 (Conti makes) Aircon servicing(flush) -$60 for conti/Asian makes -$80 for hybrid cars -Aircon gas topup $20 Free diagnose of aircon system *Aircon cooling coil replacement *Aircon compressor replacement *Aircon condenser replacement *Fan motor *Hose _______________________________________ Battery service : *Yuasa *Delkor *Totachi *Amaron *Bosch *Acdelco ___________________________________ Tyre replacement: *Westlake -balancing & rotation $20 ________________________________________ Brakepad replacement: *HS ceramic brakepad from $90(asian)-from $120(conti) *vetto *fbk *original etc _______________________________________ Absorber replacement: *kyb *tokico *bilstein *original etc ______________________________________ We are located at : 1bukit batok crescent WCEGA Plaza #05-16 S658064 Mon-fri 10am-7pm Sat 10am-3pm Sun/ph close Msg/WhatsApp : 90110003 ken (coordinator) Workshop: 87784878

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The Local Workshop WCEGA Plaza#05-16

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Highly recommend to those who want to service their car...just service my car there..good boss n mechanicπŸ‘