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The Driving Force in Stopping Power Mintex is one of the world’s leading brake friction brands with a pedigree that stretches back almost 100 years. MINTEX Brake Pads are manufactured using unique friction compounds derived from the world’s largest Original Equipment friction portfolio, offering a combination of maximum braking force and low wear. These compounds have been developed and refined over several decades in the quest for improved braking performance, which has led to superior standard compound specifically engineered to suit all applications and modern brake system combinations. Mintex Brake Pad offer low dust and noise, provide consistently high friction levels right from cold, yet are long-life and kind to discs (rotors). They meet or exceed all official regulations for quality and safety, and the full Mintex range complies with European Regulation 90. MINTEX Brake Discs The Mintex range of brake discs are engineered to precise tolerances from advanced alloys for improved resistance to high-temperatures. Mintex Brake Discs are manufactured to the quality standards associated with the Mintex pedigree. The comprehensive range of Brake Discs on offer cover all European and Japanese applications and is part of our on-going commitment towards brake related products and range development which keeps Mintex ahead of the competition.

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