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Material: Real carbon fiber with imported PU soft surface Length (Approx): 88-120 mm Quantity: 1 set of 4pcs Color: Silver Application: Universal Fit For all vehicle Features: --To prevent the door when the switch on the side of the vehicle or the impact of their own doors caused by scratches, etc.; --Depending on the model, you can paste the door of the most prominent place or in the lower part. --The main material of the product is superior in elasticity, and has good anti-collision and anti-rub effect --Easy to install (If installing this product in COLD temperature you will need to heat the glue with either a hair dryer or heat gun.) --Can absorbs impacts and prevents scratches --Peel and stick installation for your convenient use Note: 1. Products should be wiped clean paste to paste the site and thoroughly dry its surface after the use of double-sided adhesive; (the temperature is best to zero when the double-sided adhesive hot and then paste, can increase the adhesion); 2. Within 24 hours after pasting, it is forbidden to wash the car to prevent the product from falling off again. Package included: 4Pcs Carbon Fiber Protection Trims (2pcs long and 2pcs short)

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