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Decorate the interior of your car with these LED strips! Stick them near the floor at the car seat and it will make your car look so much cooler! Product Specifications : - Comes with 4 LED strips, one for each side. - 12 LED bulbs on each strip - 21 cm long - Comes with On/Off Button - No external wiring, just plug into the cigarette socket - Suitable for most car models! Can also stick in glove compartment, place it wherever you would like! All LEDs are tested before delivery. (: [ See other listings for other colors sample ] * LED strip comes with 12 bulbs on each strip. Usually other products come with 5 - 9 LEDs only. The color may not be as nice for those with lesser LEDs. * ** Does NOT include installation! ** Tags : car, light, lights, LED, decor, cool, style, blue, green, red, glove compartment, under seat, floor, switch, socket nissan, toyota, volkswagen, mitsubishi, subaru, hyundai, honda, mazda

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