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Carnivorous Plant Sundew (Drosera Capensis Alba) Seeds


1 month ago by oishi.bunnies








5-10 seeds per pack All seeds will come in a resealable plastic zip lock bag. If stored properly, your seeds can last for years! All seed packs contain fresh, 100% true named seeds - there are no fillers or other weeds or seeds mixed in. Successful germination and growth largely depends on growing conditions provided and care given, do not give a bad feedback if your seeds did not sprout or grow well. Free items are strictly complimentary and random. Botanical name: Drosera Capensis Alba Seeds are tiny small like dust. Handle with care when sowing the seeds. (pour pack of seed on white surface/paper) Native to the Cape in South Africa, Drosera capensis is beautiful, small rosette-forming carnivorous plant species having linear leaves up to 2 ½ inches (6.5 cm) long. It is one of the easiest carnivorous plants to grow and care. It is a free-flowering and fascinating house plant that may bloom after short 8 months after sowing. The plant lives 3 years or more, producing seedlings during the way! Alba is a special variety of Drosera capensis that is prized for its lack of coloration other than the green of the chlorophyll. Growing Drosera capensis is fun and simple. The leaves are densely covered with stalked tentacles (trichomes or leaf hairs) that secrete sticky mucilage with enzymes to attract and catch inserts. The tentacles are very sensitive and mobile. Once an insert is trapped on a leaf, its movements contact triggers a curling reaction. The leaf wraps around the insect and produces more digestive glands in contact with its prey, eventually digesting and absorbing the victim's nutrients until only the external skeleton remains. Sunlight: Full Sun Cultivation: Carnivorous plants WILL NOT tolerate salts and minerals; do not water with city water or hard water. Only rainwater, reverse osmosis or distilled water should be used, this is essential to this plant, otherwise slow decay and death will overcome in weeks. This water can be found at aquariums and some nurseries. It needs to be kept constantly moist to wet, the pot sitting on a 1cm water level (during winter let it dry completely before watering). DO NOT FERTILIZE! Drosera capensis needs full sun to light shade for at least 4 hours a day. Acidic soil mix of 50:50 peat and sand/perlite, or pure long fibered Sphagnum moss works fine. The pots may be of 3” deep or more for better results. Temperature can range from 45 to 90F. Germination: Seeds start to germinate 30 days after sowing over chopped sphagnum moss or really moist peat, cover the container with plastic and bring a fluorescent light near them (incandescent light is too hot for this) weekly spray water over the seeds that need to be Sprinkled over the medium, do not bury them. Transplant when they are 5mm or higher to a place where the conditions above said are met. Feeding: Although some growers like to feed their sundews, it is not necessary. Insects live in most homes, and they will naturally be attracted to your plant. Keep in mind that carnivorous plants have adapted to survive on miniscule amounts of nutrients. An adult plant needs only a couple insects or so per month. If you choose to feed your plant, use recently killed insects that will fit comfortably on the leaves. Avoid putting too much on the leaves, because the leaves will rot. Do not feed your plant meat. Use insects only. Feeding is not required during the winter months when growth naturally slows down. Repotting: Many sundews will rapidly fill any pot when they are placed in proper growing conditions. Clip off dead leaves to stimulate more growth. Change the soil, and if necessary, put your sundew in a larger pot. Changing the soil restores soil acidity, improves root aeration and strengthens the health of your plants. You can repot your plant at any time of the year. Other Carnivorous Plant: Drosera Capensis Alba: Drosera Anglica: Drosera Spatulata: Drosera Binata Dichotoma:

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