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  • vthuil27

    @caroupay ridiculous caroupay option ! Why is such sensitive information such as IC front & back needed . And it takes for ever to approve! Till now my money is still PENDING. Please do not use CAROUPAY .

  • vthuil27

    Information cannot be DELETED after that !!! So annoying.

  • elffy

    @thisisjunhong pls reply me

CarouPay for Sellers!


6 months ago by caroupay






CarouPay is our newly launched in-app feature that allows sellers the convenience and security in receiving payment and delivery through transactions with buyers! With just a few clicks, you can now accept order request and receive payment within the app, making it faster and safer to transact. 🌟CarouPay offers 3 Key benefits🌟 1. Convenience: Save time and deal online 2. Commitment: Get instant confirmation on your orders 3. Sell Faster: Reach out to a bigger group of buyers How do I enable CarouPay? a. Tap on the top right hand corner of your listing to edit b. Scroll to “New Deal Option” and enable CarouPay! c. Choose delivery method, and voila you are done! How will I receive an order? - A push notification will be sent to your inbox when you receive an order from a buyer. The order has to be confirmed by you within 3 days, or it would be automatically cancelled. - Accept the order request and prepare for dispatch! - Deliver your order! If the buyer has selected tracked delivery option, remember to enter the tracking code before dropping off the package. How will I receive payment? - Tap on your profile page - Find “Wallet” in your profile details - Cash out the money from your transactions to your bank account! How much fees do sellers have to pay? CarouPay is now 100% free with 0% fees! Keep 100% of your earnings for every transaction that you make via CarouPay. 🌟Happy CarouPaying!🌟 For more info, visit

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melashoppeFuss free deal! Seller was patient and more
7 hours ago
pinkmist02Great seller to deal with! Prompt delivery! Item more
9 hours ago
thebearfighterGreat seller to deal with! Delivery was punctual, more
3 months ago
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