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  • leekunze

    I have had many amazing experience since I first joined carousell! There are carousellers who give things for blessing and there are carouseller who share tips and advices on carousell, some even offer to teach a skill at a low cost! However, today I would like to share an encounter with @ilovelucy that made me feel really blessed to met her as a seller! Recently, I bought 2 glass jar from @ilovelucy. Upon meeting, she kindly took out the glass jar for me to examine. However being very comfortable and trusting with carouseller, I gave it a glimpse and did not touch the glass to look for scratches. I chatted with her for a bit and she told me stories of her terrarium encounter; it was a pleasant exchange. After I got home, washed the glasses, I noticed scratches on the item - one of it being worst off than the other... I contacted the seller and she told me at once to give her my account number so that she could refund me the money first. Initially I was a little hesitant (I had yet to ask my friend who I bought the glass for if she would mind) but the seller says that since it is not in a good condition that I wish it to be, please let her refund me the money - don't buy things that you are not happy with! I was shock >_< She was genuinely concerned with how I liked the product and she even offered to pick up the item from my place! Moreover she came to meet me at a time of my convenience and trusted me not to "run away" with the product + the money. Even though it was a small amount of money, I was so thankful and blessed that she trusted me! Some carouseller have met with scammers but I believe the majority of the people using carousell are nice people who cares for the person who buys their product! It does not take a great effort to make someone's day and I am grateful to have met so many nice souls here!

Carousell Hero #3: @kazuya-rin


10 months ago by carousell_sg




Vote for @kazuya-rin as your Carousell Hero by LIKING this listing! Leave a comment below about your most inspiring Carousell experience and the best comments will win $50 worth of F&B vouchers! There are many heroes living among us, hiding in plain sight as they use the powerful technology of Carousell to save our community from waste and excess - or just those leather pants that we should have never bought in the first place. From defenders against overconsumption to heroes who empower their community, we want to celebrate these everyday heroes who don’t wear capes. But we need your help! Meet 10 Carousell Heroes, nominated by the community, who believe that changing the way we buy and hold onto things can have a positive impact on the lives of others. Cast your vote for the hero who inspires you the most - just click like! *Voting closes on 11.59 pm Saturday 15 July. Terms & Conditions - The opening date for this competition is at 9am on Saturday, 24 June 2017. - Submission and voting deadline is Saturday, 15 July 2017, 2359hrs. - By clicking ‘like’, your vote will automatically be registered. To qualify for prizes, you must leave a comment about your most inspiring Carousell experience – the best comments will win $50 F&B vouchers. - This contest is open to all Singaporeans and Singaporean PRs, except employees of Carousell and/or anyone associated with the conduct of the contest. - Terms and conditions on the vouchers shall apply. - All comment entries will be entered into the competition; participants will be notified if their entries have been selected for posting or collection of prizes. - Carousell will select winners from the pool of entries submitted. The winner shall be determined based on the quality of the entry, which shall be determined in Carousell’s sole discretion. - The company’s decision in selecting the 5 Carousell Heroes will be final.

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