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  • queen.mavis

    I think the most memorable and impactful Carouseller definitely has to be @mini.cooper Mostly, the sellers that I have come across are nice, but don't really go the extra mile to show that they are sincere in making buying a pleasurable experience. I started buying face masks from @mini.cooper last year and was surprised to find how affordable her face masks were. What really touched me was that when I told her I was a student and had quite a packed schedule, she did not brush me off and instead accommodated my timing. Even when I was 15 minutes late for the meetup, she did not hurry me (which is what many sellers do) and call me to say that she could not wait any longer and that the deal was off. During the meetup, @mini.cooper even offered to help me hold my belongings while I checked the face masks, something which no other Carouseller had ever done for me before. Since buying from her, I have become a repeat customer of @mini.cooper and have continued buying face masks from her. Thanks for making my buying experience such a unique one!!

Carousell Hero #8: @budgetmama


11 months ago by carousell_sg




Vote for @budgetmama as your Carousell Hero by LIKING this listing! Leave a comment below about your most inspiring Carousell experience and the best comments will win $50 worth of F&B vouchers! There are many heroes living among us, hiding in plain sight as they use the powerful technology of Carousell to save our community from waste and excess - or just those leather pants that we should have never bought in the first place. From defenders against overconsumption to heroes who empower their community, we want to celebrate these everyday heroes who don’t wear capes. But we need your help! Meet 10 Carousell Heroes, nominated by the community, who believe that changing the way we buy and hold onto things can have a positive impact on the lives of others. Cast your vote for the hero who inspires you the most - just click like! *Voting closes on 11.59 pm Saturday 15 July. Terms & Conditions - The opening date for this competition is at 9am on Saturday, 24 June 2017. - Submission and voting deadline is Saturday, 15 July 2017, 2359hrs. - By clicking ‘like’, your vote will automatically be registered. To qualify for prizes, you must leave a comment about your most inspiring Carousell experience – the best comments will win $50 F&B vouchers. - This contest is open to all Singaporeans and Singaporean PRs, except employees of Carousell and/or anyone associated with the conduct of the contest. - Terms and conditions on the vouchers shall apply. - All comment entries will be entered into the competition; participants will be notified if their entries have been selected for posting or collection of prizes. - Carousell will select winners from the pool of entries submitted. The winner shall be determined based on the quality of the entry, which shall be determined in Carousell’s sole discretion. - The company’s decision in selecting the 5 Carousell Heroes will be final.

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