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Carouseller's Choice Award: How to Vote?


4 months ago by carousellmotors





As part of Oneshift’s Car Of The Year 2018, the Carouseller's Choice Award gives you a voice in voting which of these cars you feel is the best! ### How to Vote? ### Between 1 Nov 2018 to 30 Nov 2018, check out the cars in contention within the Carouseller’s Choice Award special collection on Carousell itself (or access via this link and vote for the car(s) by ‘LIKING’ the listing(s)! The car with the most ‘LIKES’ will be crowned the Carouseller’s Choice Award winner! ### What’s the Prize? ### We’ll be giving away Carousell COTY Swag Pack to 20 lucky Carousellers who participated in the voting of the Carouseller’s Choice Award. Each Swag Pack contains: $50 petrol voucher x1 Carousell “Essential Documents for Car Owners” set x1 “Find Cars on Carousell” microfibre towel Carousell car handphone holder Carousell visor

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T&C • This contest is open to Carousellers based in Singapore only • Contest runs from 1 Nov 2018 to 30 Nov 2018 • Carouseller must “LIKE” at least 1 listing within the Carouseller’s Choice Award special collection to be eligible for the contest • Each participating Carouseller will only be counted as an unique entry; “LIKES” on multiple listings within the Carouseller’s Choice Award special collection will not increase the chances of winning • 20 eligible Carouseller will be picked at random and will receive a Carousell COTY Swag Pack each • Carousell employees are not eligible to participate in this contest • Carousell reserves the right to amend the terms of this contest at any point in time • In event of any dispute, Carousell's decision is final

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ONESHIFT CAR OF THE YEAR 2018 2018 has been a challenging year for car dealerships here. The Vehicle Emissions Scheme (VES) implemented, has become a huge determining factor for what cars dealers should sell. Singapore’s unique prioritisation of its air quality means that car models which have originally scored well with the old CEVS, may have now been priced out competitively, due to the new VES penalty. The year also sees a greater emphasis placed on greener vehicles, with notable efforts by different manufacturers to show-off their efforts to make the world a better place. Back to what really is important… Oneshift has tested close to 70 cars over the course of the year, enjoying the plush riding qualities of some, while taking some others to their very engineering limits to find out what really makes them great. All this, so that you are in the know of which car is the best in its class!

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