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21 Toh guan road east #06-06 Toh guan centre Singapore 608609 Monday~Friday 9:30am~5pm Saturday 1pm~5pm Sunday and ph: close Cartoon Panda Bamboo Charcoal Package Air Freshener Car Bamboo Charcoal Bagdog Car Air Deodorant Car Styling [product ingredients] :using high-quality bamboo charcoal as filler + outside the pearl cotton [bamboo charcoal nine function] 1, adsorption 2, the release of far infrared 3, the release of negative ions 4, the release of trace elements 5, control of microbial reproduction 6, regulating the growth of crops 7, insect sterilization 8, antioxidant 9, electrostatic shielding and electromagnetic wave radiation

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Toh Guan Centre, Singapore

21 Toh guan road east #06-06 Singapore 608609 Monday to Friday 9:30am to 5pm Saturday 1pm-5pm

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