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Tested - In excellent working order Works only with only 1 AAA battery to operate 3.5mm earphone / earpiece output Crystal clear natural human voice pronunciation Optional connectivity with compatible CASIO dictionaries Hassle free return warranty for exchange or merchandise credit Ultra Discounted Price Manufacturer's Description 产品规格表(W-U6) 核心功能 液晶屏 黑白高清屏 电源 7号电池*1节 坚固机身 CASIO独创超坚固机身构造,纤薄机身,小巧随身,依然拥有耐用抗摔的坚固特性。 发音 CASIO VOICE真人发音技术,中英文单词真人发音,会话全文真人发音。 记忆模式 正序模式;乱序模式;循环模式。 听力模式 自动发音1次;自动发音3次;手动播放模式。 显示模式 显示所有内容;仅正序显示未打“√”单词;随机显示打“√”单词。 权威辞书 英汉 词汇 新东方六级词汇/新东方雅思词汇/新东方TOEFL英语词汇 会话 海外求学160问(海外生活篇) FAQs Q: Is it available ? A: Yes indeed, we list only available products unless stated otherwise Q: What's the condition? A: For Products are not brand new or without packaging we use actual product photos that belong to actual items on sale. If there is no particular remarks in description you can expect 100% functional product with possible wear. Q: How do I buy this product? A: If you are self collecting you can use Cash / Bank Transfer / Paylah, If you wish item to be posted / reserved or requested to have meetup in mutually alternate locations Payment methods will be Bank Transfer or Paylah Q: How do I contact you? A: while averagely within 1 Hours you can expect answer on Carousell, You can also contact for speedier answers / enquiries. Contact info is provided for BBM (Best Method), Whatsapp and Call respectively. Q: Is it negotiable? A: Our prices have been adjusted to lowest possible amount. Nevertheless you may request further discount if you are - an existing customer and had smooth transaction before - buying multiple items - a person with disabilities - an active volunteer for humanitarian, environmental and animal welfare related NGOs Q: How can complete the transaction faster? A: We welcome customers who wish to complete transactions quickest way. If you wish to complete a quick transaction please read the description and contact via BBM/WA or Call to provide preferred collection time. If delivery / meetup kindly complete the payment. Provide contact number / address if necessary. Please be polite and understanding which will allow extra smooth transaction

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