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Lifetime effect, no waxing required after that. Coat and protect your precious car now. Coater PRO 10H permanent Ceramic Coating - protect car for lifetime - Super shiny like mirror - super water repellent - nanotech auto care - Lifetime auto paint protection - Crystal Coating - Nano Quartz Pro Coat - Shiny Super Hydrophobic Effect - Latest permanent formulation Package include: 1. 10H Permanent Ceramic Coating (20ml/bottle) 2. Nano Cleaner Polish: 30ml/bottle 3. Maintenance Coat: 30ml/bottle 4. Super Microfiber Towel: 2pcs 5. Coating applicator pad: 1pcs 6. Suede Cloth: 2pcs 7. Instruction Book Applying Sequence 1. Wash Car 2. Apply Nano Cleaner to wash car again 3. Apply 10H Ceramic Coat 4. Wait 2-4 hours 5. Apply Maintenance Coat ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Steps to engage our car tinting service 1. Go to our facebook page 2. Like the page 3. Message us to enquire! We sell Men's Apparels too! - - - ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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