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CeramicSpeed BB30 Bottom Bracket (Brand New Unused)


11 months ago by lostbudd7








Brand new uncoated. Worth 400 SGD new from Ceramicspeed. Selling at more than half price. CeramicSpeed is the market leader in high-end performance components. This Ceramic Bottom Bracket delivers excellent low bearing friction with superb durability. Unique CeramicSpeed ceramic bearings are premium quality, out-performing mark rivals. The CeramicSpeed Ceramic Bottom Bracket system is so stiff and efficient that additional spacers are not required. At a fantastically lightweight of 84 grams, this CeramicSpeed Ceramic Bottom Bracket is a premium upgrade that your trusty steed deserves. If you replace all your bike’s bearings with CeramicSpeed, you could be looking at a savings of 25 seconds in 40km if you’re riding at 48kph. The savings goes up to two minutes if you’re riding at 32kph. Extend that to an Ironman-length ride, and the savings could vary from 1:50, if you’re going 48kph to nine minutes if you’re going 32kph. Friction Facts found these bearings offered .42 watts of frictional drag, where the mean drag was .77w. CeramicSpeed utilizes Grade 3 Silicon Nitride balls that possess the best possible surface finish and roundness. In testing, the balls are 400% smoother, 128% harder, and 58% lighter than standard steel balls found in most bike components. They’re more than 100% smoother and 15% harder than standard ceramic balls. The balls are installed into hardened steel races in dust-free clean rooms and then checked again before assembly is complete. Not only is low friction the result, but so is increased bearing life. Like three to five times longer than standard bearings.

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