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Cerfrion Cell Regen DP1200 (1 box 2x30 = 60 capsules)


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What's in the golden box: 2 small pack x 30 = 60 capsules If you take one small pack of 30 capsules $90 only (no golden box included) Please see pictures. Product details of Cerfrion Cell Regen DP1200 (1 box 2x30 = 60 capsules) Cerfrion Cell Regen DP1200 is the world's first stem cells supplement formulated with clinically proven ingredients to increase circulating stem cells in your body. INGREDIENTS IN CELL REGEN DP1200 In addition to its high content of active deer placenta extract, each capsule of Cerfrion Cell Regen DP1200™ contains 8 active ingredients with excellent emollient properties to repair and rejuvenate damaged skin, and with 2 patented ingredients, known to support the skin & body’s renewal system.This potent blend of ingredients results in the most powerful cellular rejuvenating supplement. Deer Placenta Extract -Helps resist ageing effects, regulates imbalances and restores damaged cells. -Repairs free-radical damaged cells; therefore delays aging process; -fostering deep and lasting rejuvenations. -Enhances resistance capability against aging effects. -Balances and regulate the reproductive system. Olive Oil -Protects against chronic degenerative and heart diseases -Protects DNA from free radical damage -Supports gastrointestinal health with better blood sugar control -Anti-Inflammatory benefits Lutein -Helping to reduce eye fatigue and glare sensitivity -Promoting normal visual function and proper lens density -Strengthening eye tissue -Supporting visual acuity Xanthone -Helps to increase the body’s metabolism -Possesses anti-Inflammatory properties -Natural anti-depressant and antihistamine -Possesses anti-anxiety effect (anxyolytic) -Serves as anti-tumor and helps in cancer prevention -Possesses anti-aging, anti-oxidant, anti-viral, anti-biotic properties -Helps to prevent fungal infections -Prevents skin disorders (anti-seborrheaic) -Acts as anti-lipidemic agents (blood fat lowering, LDL) -Prevents hardening of arteries -Protects the heart (cardioprotective) -Possesses anti-diabetic effects and regulates the blood sugar level (hypoglycemic) -Helps to prevent arthritis & osteoporosis -Prevents glaucoma and cataracts -Has a synergistic effect on the whole body Avocado oil -Protects the cardiovascular system -Improves the elasticity of capillary -Lowers the potentials for plaque formation and vessel blockage -Rich in Vitamin A and E which have strong antibacterial and anti-inflammatory functions that promote faster healing of cuts and wounds -Prevents scarring, acne breakouts and dermatitis Astrion (Patented) Astrion is an all natural skin rejuvenating and hydrating ingredient that promotes the skin cell’s own ability to synthesize collagen and hyaluronic acid. Astrion is an age-defying skin care ingredient that protects damaged skin, minimizes wrinkles, restores moisture, and helps your skin function at it’s highest levels. Astrion is made with highly purified extracts from Astragalus membranaceus, Centella asiatica, and Lonicera confusa plant compounds using a proprietary pharmaceutical extraction and processing technology. Each of the extracts found in Astrion have a history of traditional Chinese medicine usage for skin protection and enhancement. Aloe Vera Gel Extract -Naturally rich in Vitamin C, Amino Acid, Enzymes and Germanium -Rejuvenates aged tissues and promotes healthy skin -Contains over 75 nutrients with 200 nutrient compounds which retains the health of the digestive system in our body Oryza Ceramide (Patented) ORYZA CERAMIDE, brownish in colour, extracted and refined from rice bran or rice germ. It contains a large amount of glycosphingolipid. Clinical Test Results of Skin Beautifying Effect (in vivo) This clinical investigation was conducted in OSAKA City University using ORYZA CERAMIDE. The detail results are described in “CLINICAL INVESTIGATION OF SKIN-BEAUTIFYING EFFECT OF A BEAUTY SUPPLEMENT CONTAINING RICE-DERIVED CERAMIDE ”. Effect to Prevent Colon Cancer Skin Whitening effect Skin Moisturization Improvement of Barrier Function and Atopic Dry Skin BENEFITS Cerfrion Cell Regen DP1200™ is suitable for anyone experiencing signs of aging, fatigue and loss of vitality. -Regenerates body cells and tissues -Revitalizes the renewal system -Activates metabolism -Elevates satmina and energy levels -Boosts mental alertness -Enhances blood circulation -Improves skin elasticity and complexion -Improves hair growth -Heightened sense of well-being Payment -bank transfer to POSB current 712-04717-8 -paylah 91802933 -cash upon meet-up



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