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Cerfrion Cell Regen DP1200 is the world's first stem cells supplement formulated with clinically proven ingredients to increase circulating stem cells in your body. Benefit Cerfrion Cell Regen DP1200™ is suitable for anyone experiencing signs of aging, fatigue and loss of vitality. Regenerates body cells and tissues Revitalizes the renewal system Activates metabolism Elevates stamina and energy levels Boosts mental alertness Enhances blood circulation Improves skin elasticity and complexion Improves hair growth Heightened sense of well-being INGREDIENTS IN CELL REGEN DP1200 Deer Placenta Extract Olive Oil Lutein Xanthone Avocado oil Astrion (Patented) Aloe Vera Gel Extract Oryza Ceramide (Patented) In addition to its high content of active deer placenta extract, each capsule of Cerfrion Cell Regen DP1200™ contains 8 active ingredients with excellent emollient properties to repair and rejuvenate damaged skin, and with 2 patented ingredients, known to support the skin & body’s renewal system.This potent blend of ingredients results in the most powerful cellular rejuvenating supplement.

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