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This is an extremely beautiful Type A 100% Natural Green Snuff Bottle with carvings of Safety(平安),Coin (富贵),Ruyi (如意) and Gourd(葫芦), which carries the multiple meaning of Peace in every area of your life, abundant wealth and living life according to one's wishes. • Length = 54mm • Width = 48mm • Thickness = 13mm • Weight = 58.73g • Treatment = None (No Enhancement) • Colour = Green Jade 绿色 • Cut = Excellent 3D Effect as shown in pictures • Country of Origin = China Craftsmanship with Myanmar (Burma/Burmese) Jadeite • Include = Zip Lock Bag, Elegant Box/Bag, Type A Certificate, String Necklace • May Include = Free Nice Gift Packaging Bag with Card upon prior request Snuff bottles have fascinated Western and Asian collectors since they were first produced in China in the early part of the 18th century. Conceived as precious containers for ground tobacco imported into China, snuff bottles were initially made for the emperor and the court, and eventually produced in much greater quantities for a public who enjoyed their functionality as well as their display as symbols of status. Chinese coins are a potent symbol of wealth and prosperity. The coin is one of the "Eight Treasures". A coin (qian 钱) can be a visual pun for "before your eyes" because the hole in the center is called an "eye" and the coin (qian) has the same pronunciation as the word "before" (qian 前). An old word for coin is quan (泉). hulu (葫芦) has the same pronunciation as the word to "protect" or "guard" (hu 护) and also the word for "blessing" (hu 祜). In some dialects, the Chinese word for gourd (hulu 葫 芦) sounds the same as fulu (福 禄) which means "happiness and rank (as in attaining a high government office)". Trailing gourd vines are described in Chinese as man (蔓). This character can also be pronounced as wan and has the exact same pronunciation and meaning as 万 which means "10,000". Because the gourd contains many seeds, the Chinese associate the gourd with "10,000 children". In ancient China, parents hoped for many sons and grandsons so the gourd became an important symbol for a family with many children. This is a beautiful snuff bottle with excellent craftsmanship. Needless to say, this beauty was carved out by master craftsman with excellent quality Jadeite that has no crack. It toke a lot of effort and skill to hollow out this snuff bottle and carved out internal screw thread at the top of the bottle and external screw thread around the cap. All Photos taken under natural lighting conditions with smartphone. Actual item is far more beautiful, shinier and glossier than pictures. This Snuff Bottle comes with Type A Certificate from renowned Zhongkehongye Jewelry Quality Inspection Research Center. You can check the authenticity of this pendant by scanning the 2D Barcode printed on the Type A Certificate to be redirected to the Type A Certificate information online. You can also verified the authenticity of the Type A Certificate at the Testing Center official website printed on the Type A Certificate. Buy with full confidence. Full refund will be given for item returned in original unworn condition if there is any discrepancy in the material upon alternate authentication within 3 days of purchase. A-grade jadeite, the highest quality, is used for jewellery and higher-priced carved pieces. It is not treated to enhance colour or remove blemishes. Please click on the link below to be redirected to my other exquisite listings: Tags: Grade A / Natural / Burmese / Myanmar / Carving / Authentic / Genuine / Sale / Present / Gift / Father's Day / Mother's Day / Birthday / Anniversary / Valentine's Day / CNY / Chinese New Year / Deepavali / Hari Raya / Christmas / X'Mas / National Day / Husband / Wife / Grandfather / Grandmother / Father / Mother / Brother / Sister / Girlfriend / Boyfriend / Friend / Ladies / Men / Boy / Girl / Baby / Baby First Month / Twins / Children / Kid / Display / Accessory / Deco / Art / Decoration / Gift / Jewelry / Antique / Collectible / Collection / Unique / Exquisite / Rare / Special / 翡翠 / 缅甸 / 玉

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