CHEAP $12 NETT!!!! PER PIECE OYAIDE STICKER!!! Anti-vibration and Adhesive sheet for portable audio players and amps!


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LEFT A FEW HURRY!!! NO NEGO THANKS!!! HAVING PROBLEM WITH THE RUBBER BAND! THIS OYAIDE PROFESSIONAL AUDIO ACCESSORIES STICKER WILL SOLVED YOUR STACKING PROBLEM! PROVEN RECORD PPL WHO USING THIS FOR MORE THAN 3 YEARS. AND ITS THE BEST FOR ALL PRIMIUM AUDIO EQUIPMENT! DUN GO FOR THOSE STICKER WHICH WILL STAINED YOUR AMP OR PLAYER!!! OR RUBBER BAND THAT SCRATCHES YOUR AMP OR PLAYER!!! OYAIDE IS THE BEST!!! This is a reusable sticker that has the ability to withstand heat on portable equipment. And anti vibration between stacking of player amplifier and pre amp. iem player iphones samsumg apple opus handphones amplifier earphones dap ak astell and kern