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See all the ads for computer cleaning etc. But what if you have no time and just want a simple software checkup without hassle of paying people to travel or bringing computer to far places? Just want to squeeze a little more speed out of your computer with very little cost and downtime? Pay me a small fee and I will clean up your computer software REMOTELY, meaning immediate service with minimal downtime and no hassle. You may be surprised what cleaning junk and malware and defragmenting etc can help Optimise your computer at a Low cost! Your computer may even be safer! Side note: I do not guarantee noticeable results. But I will definitely try my best Only $10 JUST TRY IT Also ask me on any tech-related matters/issues. I am interested in any tech you wish to deal with. Ask me any question. Am only an enthusiast Slow computer speed up optimise antivirus cleaning faster speed run better reliable fix repair hardware change upgrade

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