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Karambit Night(Battle Scarred)😌 Ask If Have Cash To Pay! $25 Dollar Cheaper!!!! 💵 Price Might Vary Because Of Quantity And Demand! ✅💯 Scam Proof ✅Trusted Seller! ✅ Bank Transfer/Meet-Up (Pay my transport fee) ✅All Skins Must Be Paid In Full Before I Transfer Your Decided Skin ✅Must Have Steam Guard(Or Wait For 15 Days!) ✅I Will Transfer Through Steam Only ✅All Skins I Have If You Don't Want This Skin Then Ask Any Skin You Want! ♦Knives available: Karambit, m9 bayonet, bayonet, butterfly knife, bowie knife, flip knife, shadow daggers, huntsman knife, falchion knife, gut knife! ♦Skins / paints available: vanilla ★, lore, black laminate, freehand, autotronic, bright water, gamma doppler (phase 1, 2, 3, 4, emerald), marble fade, tiger tooth, fade, doppler (p1, p2, p3, p4, ruby, sapphire, black pearl / bp), crimson web, slaughter, night, damascus steel, blue steel, rust coat, stained, case hardened, ultraviolet, urban masked, forest ddpat, boreal forest, safari mesh, scorched! TAGS: csgo counter strike global offensive key keys bs battle scarred well worn ww field tested ft minimal wear mm mw factory new fn skin skins knives knife steamcommunity steam kara bayo bfk sd pink galaxy fake mf tt blue gem full name tags tag spectrum case m4a4 m4a1 knives karambit flip knife gutknife M4A1-S m4a4 ak47 frontside spray karambit falchion cheap cheap M9 bayonet Doppler Gamma Damascus Steel Negev M242 Tec 9 Isaac Five Seven

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