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Wanna have fast and great smelling perfume for your vehicles and home! It can last up to 60days! You can even spray in your helmet as well. Lots of flavours to choose from. We have a few range below: -Car/room/toilet hanging perfume Normal price:$10/bottle, now promo $9/bottle ☆ Honeydew (hot selling) - sold out!! ☆ Tutti fruiti (hot selling) ☆ Grape ☆ Strawberry ☆ Green apple ☆ Green tea ☆ Lavender ☆ Sexy air ☆ White flower ☆ White gold ☆ Sakura ☆ Lemon tree ☆ Orange ☆ Vanilla -Portable Perfume spray (can spray on fabric, clothes, helmet, car, carpet, bed, curtain, etc. Flavours somilar with hanging perfume). Normal price:$12/bottle, now promo $11/bottle - Fabric mist (can be used on curtains, carpet, sofa, bed, etc. Great smelling and kills bacteria too. Limited flavours) Normal price:$15/bottle, now promo $14/bottle -Aromatic cone 40pcs/box (burn for 30mins and smell can last up to 3-4 days depending on usage and size of area coverage. Limited flavours) Normal price:$12/box, now promo $11/box - Refill bottles available for sale too. Able to use and fill up to 3-4 times. Top up for hanging and spray perfume. Normal price-$12/bottle.. now promo $11/bottle For a limited time only- buy 5 get 1 free, only based on lower denomination amount items only.

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Normal mail-$1.50 Registered mail-$3.50 Smartpac(registered mail with pre ordered box- $4.60 Am mail (receive by next working day by 11am if post out working day before 5pm)-$2.60