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Cheapest R1


1 month ago by givingupjoe








Cheapest R1 yamaha 09 model registered March 2010. Cross plane model. Milleague arnd 110k Coe till March 2020, renewable Why cheapest? This was my class 2, always using my side bike kup. Used to love touring and late night ridings. Gave up riding class 2, let go to an idiot COI end up he never pay, so take back bike. Bike has been with me for quite long, just took bike back this june 2018. Till today, bike parked in shelter area, i warm up bike to run engine around once every 3days. Last servicing done arnd July. New tyres, pads and routine servicings etc. Im not selling cheap cos bike have issues but i just want to reduce my monthly bills. Bike currently still under installment. My plan is u full cash me at bike shop and shop untag bike, we go LTA after that do transfer ownership. I earn nothing and might even need top up on my end. $7k for this is super f cheap. Why? $7k for 16months. After that u can choose renew coe or sell. Selling to exporters the value arnd minimum $5k. Means u only paid $2k for using 16months which is $125/mnth for R1. Rent 2b also 350-$400/mnth. This R1 only $125/mnth. Simple maths. For people asking further nego price, theres a reason i dont reply you. I only deal with serious buyers. Piece of advise, if you cant afford simple repairs $100-$200 mnthly please dont get class 2. Maintaining a Class 2 is not cheap. Scenario 1: I continue 16x more installment, $370/mnth =$5920 and sell to exporter $6k(alrdy have waiting list of exporters once coe end). I lose nothing plus i get to keep bike for another 16 months. Scenario 2: As mentioned in arrangement for sale, full cash me $7k, early settlement fee is $1k-$2k to shop= $5920(remaining installment) + $1k-$2k(early settlement fee) = $6920-$7920. Meaning i even need to top up on my side at a loss I hope my explanation is very very clear. Im asking for $7k, no less. I wont even consider $6999.99. I want seven thousand singapore dollars. If u need it cheaper i suggest you fly to mars to look around Reach me at 90098334.


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