Cherry MX red switches Tenkeyless - Gaming Mechanical Keyboard


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KBParadise V80 : Left over stocks (BNIB) from Group Buy - 80% Tenkeyless design: 1 x Cherry MX Red (Red + Green LED) *Take note that the picture is Red + Blue LED. The item is Red + Green LED. Features: - Tenkeyless design to save your desk space - Authentic cherry MX switches (Made in Germany) - Dual LED (can combine and mix both spectrum LED color) - Can set WASD and arrow keys as alternate led color - Costar stabilizer - FR-4 PCB design (same as Filco) - Detachable usb cable - Good quality, Made in Taiwan (OEM of Filco) - Able to converge color between Red and Green LED spectrum color Cheapest in town! #razer #corsair #tenkeyless #mech #keyboard #mechanical #gaming #overwatch #filco #cherry #red #switches

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