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(CLEARANCE) Children books★Puss In Boots★Lon Po Po★Little Blue and Little Yellow (FREE POSTAGE)


8 months ago by earlylearnerstore








No more restocks! Buy while stocks last! 10 books and above: $4.90 per book [Books are all paperback version] PROMOTIONS 1. Free upgrade to courier for 6 books or more [Books are all paperback versions] Note: For normal mail, seller is not liable for lost mail. Pls opt for courier if worried 1. LITTLE BLUE AND LITTLE YELLOW (Leo Lionni) Synopsis: Little Blue was little Yellow's best friend. One day when Little Blue disobeyed his mother and went to play with Little Yellow, they hugged each other so tightly that each became green. Age guide: 2 to 4 Our Review: Great book to teach children about primary and secondary colours! It’s also a book with a lot of hidden philosophy, such as friendship and identity. A very useful book to teach lots of philosophical concepts, get yours now! 2. PUSS IN BOOTS (Charles Perrault) Synopsis: Long regarded as the preeminent designer of book jackets in America, Fred Marcellino provides an unstinting visual feast in his first full-color picture book. The adventures of that rascal, Puss, and his master, the miller's son, are portrayed in a lavish series of illustrations that range from sumptuous grandeur to comedy both boisterous and sly. Puss in Boots is a 1991 Caldecott Honor Book. Age guide: 4 to 7 Our Review: Who doesn’t know the story of Puss in Boots? Instead of letting your child watch videos, why not read the story to him/her instead? 3. LON PO PO (Ed Young) Synopsis: The story is set in China. Three sisters, Shang, Tao, and Paotze are left alone overnight while their mother goes to visit their grandmother, Po Po, for the grandmother's birthday. She warns them as she leaves to "Be good" and "Remember to close the door tight at sunset and latch it well". The wolf, who sees the mother leave, then decides to come over to harm the children. The wolf pretends to be their grandmother, Po Po, to try to gain entry. The children question the wolf through the door," Why are you here so late?", "Why is your voice so low?", to which the wolf has clever answers. Age guide: 4-7yo Our Review: A slight twist from the Red Riding story, this is a book that features 3 children and how the oldest child takes care of the younger ones and uses wit to get themselves out of trouble. A good book with learning points on keeping your wits with you when there's danger! 4. MAGIC SHOELACES (Audrey Wood) Matthew just cant keep his shoelaces tied and is always tripping up. When the magic man offers to swap Matthews laces for a magic pair, he thinks his wish has come true. However, he soon realises that there are disadvantages to laces that wont come undone. =D Age guide: 4-6yo Our review: This is a good book to encourage your child to learn how to tie his/her shoelaces! Other paperback titles are available in the shop! # children books # gift for children # leo lionni # story books # puss in boots #christmas gift # children's day

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