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Chlorophyll (Stores better & Cheaper!)


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Unicity Super Chlorophyll For Diabetics / Diabetes / High Blood Pressure / Cuts / Wounds / Mask / Prevent Cancer Excellent for cleansing. Remove toxic. I personally believe good for this haze weather cos it has toxic removing effect. it is anti-inflamation Personal experience that it helps for high blood pressure, diabetes and even for fever. It cleanse the blood and increase blood cells. Everyday a cup and it works. My mum had high blood pressure and diabetes and after drink this for years, her blood pressure and sugar level are now under ctrl. Doctor even ask her to reduce medication and now trying to gradually stop. Its not expensive compared to those selling at pharmacy and it stores better as it is in powder form. Completely safe for toddlers and i give my son a little bit at times. My whole family is taking this for more than 18 years!! It really works and its not expensive, why not give it a try. Give your family member a chance to live a new life, just like my mum! This chlorophyll has many other usage. A friend told me can use it as a mask with just little bit of powder with water. I have never tried before as I feel that good stuff should be intake for best results! For cuts, u can put the powder on the wounds, it has antiseptic effect and stop the bleed. This is extremely useful for ulcers & wounds in the mouth as this is edible! Stop using those called watermelon powder(西瓜粉) as it is poisonous and it's suppose to be banned! Use chlorophyll... My son always fall down and cut his mouth and break his teeth, ouch!! I always use this to apply to wounds till I bring him to doctor. Cleanse the tissues of impurities and toxins Remove bad breathe and body odour Helps in constipation Helps treat ulcers and stomach ailments Helps to build red blood cells counts Is a blood purifier and blood thinner Helps to cleanse kidney and liver Readily adsorbed into the body and it's has the similar composition of blood Retail selling at $39.60 Now: $34.00 Ready stocks always available! 1 bottle last for 45 servings This batch Expiry 12/2020 Made in USA Meet to deal. Weekdays after 7pm at Hougang, lunchtime at Changi City Point Weekends only at Punggol oasis or coral edge lrt station. Normal postage add $2.00 Tag: haze / health / diabetes / beauty / fever / blood pressure

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weekday 7pm

weekday after 830pm weekends time to be arrange

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Cheery, decision & friendly buyer. Transaction and communication are smooth, prompt and clear. Very great buyer to deal with! 👍👍👍