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By Ck Nor!!Super Highly Recommended Nang Kwak!! Market Price Is $5xx-$6xx. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> For PM At Good Price Only One. Ck Nor Phra Nang Kwak Yant Nam tao BE2495(C.E1952)^^ *Comes Verified With DD PHRA CERT* Temple:Wat Dhepsirin Size:2.8cm x 2.3cm (Encased In REAL SILVER LONGYA Casing) Materials Made:Baked Clay Info: One of the most famous and till now very popular batch of Nang Kwak Blessed by Ck Nor,during the year BE2495. At the back of the nang kwak is Yant "Phra Pakhawam" on back which is invented by Somdej Phra Puttakosajarn Jaroen, (Chao Khun Nor's Teacher). Market Price Is Already Above $5xx-$6xx,depending on condition. Many layman and temples make amulets for Ck Nor to bless. CKN blessed all the amulets due to his kindness for all living beings. It is widely believed that the amulets blessed by CKN are very efficacious & thus highly sought after. *Extra Note*: Ck Nor never made amulets by himself in his lifetime, but just blessed them. The major maker of amulets was Ck Udomsarasophon, a former high-rank monk of Wat Dhepsirin. Purpose: Goddess of Wealth, also known as Nang Kwak is well-known as the guardian to business owners in Thailand,her right hand is in beckoning gesture, with pouch on her left leg, having strong effect in attracting wealth. Its also symbolizes wealth, career and happiness can be accumulated and retained. Nang Kwak are suitable to be enshrined at home or stores as this goddess has great effect in prospering business. Enshrine Nang Kwak sincerely could receive blessings and improve to better lives, also bring good fortune and wealth fortune to worshiper. Offering Methods: Worshipers can offer sandalwood, red color drinks, fresh fruits, fresh flower(lotus is better choice), desserts, perfumes, cosmetics such as lipstick, eye shadow or nail polish to Nang Kwak. When your wish is granted, you could return thanks by offering colorful or gold jewelry, such as necklaces or bracelets. Bio Of Ck Nor: Ck Nor was a close royal servant of King Rama VI. He had ordained a monk at Wat Dhepsirin in B.E.2468, and never left his monkhood until he passed away in early B.E.2514 at the age of 74. In his long years of monkhood, he ate only one vegetable and cereal meal a day and never stepped out of the temple even in the WWII period. In the war time, Bangkok railway main station just few Km away from the temple was intensively bombed by the allied force, but the bombs missed the target and hit the temple. Almost all monks left the temple for safety, but he was still living there. Ck Nor was a strict Dhamma practicer. He practiced advanced Dhamma, devoted all his monkhood life to follow Lord Buddha's teachings, and never missed the morning and evening chant at Ubosoth until the end of his life. Ck Nor could detect the thinking and mind of anyone who is speaking to him. He had pre-cognition mind power, and correctly foretold major events including his own death. This is so he well prepared everything before he left this world, by telling his nephew never offer him the food box anymore and also telling the next-room young monk that the day he did not go to chant means the day of his death. Then he went to sleep within a mosquito net, his two hands joined together on his chest--paying the last respect to Lord Buddha...he passed away with that beautiful posture on January 8, B.E.2514.