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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Only One For PM($2xx) ^^Ck ThongChai Leicester City Phayant BE2558(C.E2015)^^ Temple:Wat Traimit -First Top Flight Title In 132years history. Size:65cm X 51cm Materials:Silk Info: -Lucky Charms help fire LEICESTER TO English Premier League Title 2015/16 -This Phayant Is Also the same phayant that was being displayed in the dressing room of Leicester City Football Club In the 2015/16 Season,which ended with Leicester City winning the English Premier League Title. At the beginning of the season, the chance of Leicester lifting the title was seen as slim or virtually impossible. Bookmakers set the odds of Leicester winning at only 5,000-1. Leicester, however, snubbed the predictions of all football pundits and even hard-core Leicester fans. Brief Story Of Leicester Suprise Title Winning: -Leicester City’s English Premier League championship triumph is a fairytale of a small football club that manages to win big with a little help from mythical amulets . Of course, the much coveted title was the product of the hard work of the players and manager Claudio Ranieri. But support from the three magic amulets given by a senior Thai monk might also have helped. Chao Khun Thongchai, a senior monk of Wat Traimit in Bangkok, gave each player three amulets before the start of the 2015-16 season, even though it was unclear how much Leicester players, all non-Thai, would understand the meaning or the value of amulets. On the weekend when the English Premier League reached its climax in May, a Bangkok Post reporter met Chao Khun Thongchai at Wat Traimit to see what he would do on the night Tottenham played Chelsea after Leicester had drawn with Manchester United one day before. Chao Khun Thong’s residential quarters in his Bangkok temple was full of Leicester City charms such as gold fabric talisman featuring the ancient Khmer alphabet saying “Never Lose”. “I will meditate during the match. I will concentrate and say prayers for the team. I will send them positive energy,” the monk said. “I won’t get excited about the result as I have to stay calm and neutral in order to send my blessings.” His blessings seemed to pay off. Tottenham drew with Chelsea and collected only one point, resulting in Leicester City clinching the top flight’s title for the first time in the club’s 132-year history. Despite barely understanding the rules of football, Chao Khun Thongchai shares a close spiritual connection with the team. Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha, the Thai billionaire who took over the club, introduced the monk to the team. Vichai had a special “Buddha Room” built in the King Power Stadium for Chao Khun Thongchai to meditate to send his positive energy to all the players. Chao Khun Thongchai also travelled to England frequently throughout the season to attend Leicester home matches. Prior to kick-off he would walk onto the pitch and bless the ground. Then he and eight other monks would chant and sprinkle holy water on each player before they took the field. For this season: This season champions Leicester have made a bad start to defending their title. The Siamese Foxes are struggling in the bottom half of the table. On Nov 26, Vichai surprisingly brought Chao Khun Thongchai to pray in the stadium before the game against Middlesbrough. The image of the monk wearing a yellow robe and hood was televised to the astonishment of the British audience. The game ended in a 2-2 draw, but it was better than another defeat. And at the end of 2016/17 season,leicester city managed to turn their season around and survive and finish 12th in the English Premier League Table and also reached CHAMPION LEAGUE Quarter Final. All in all its still considered a pretty successful season for a small club. Miracles do not happen twice, but a little bit of spiritual support helped one to come true. Purpose Of This Phayant: You can hang it at your house,places of business dealing,office area to help you win all daily battles in your life and always be a BIG WINNER(大赢家),successful in everything you do and always easily find help from people. Just like Ck Thong Chai famous quote "NEVER LOSE". Can help to block away all the “小人",remove all unwanted obstacles preventing you from succeeding,have more positive energy generated around you and remove bad luck and bad things from your life. -Suitable For People Who Are In Business Line/Sales/Self Employed/Insurance Agents/Financial Lines/Management Level.

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