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I believe that good skin care product should be niche ,organic and authentic.Each ingredient is meticulously chosen based on its properties and user is fusion of fresh hand-picked herbal wellness,combined with rigorous craftsmanship in a sterile environment.My ethos is about all natural goodness with zero added that you are pampered with the most genuine skincare experience.Simply, we just want more people to use really good products,because every women deserves eternal beauty,nothing more,nothing less. CDL is good for pimples, pock,prone skin and enlarge pores,flush ,sensitive skin and dark skin. Ingredient: Daycream>Tuberose,Wild rose extract,Vitamin c,Marigold,Vaseline,Chamomile oil,Purified water. Nightcream>Tian Shan snow lotus,White poria,White peony extract,Wild sea buckthorn oil,Licorice ,Rosehip oil,Purified water. Day Cream Function 🌷 Anti-inflammatory properties with a calming and soothing effect, stimulate metabolism of the skin, reduce acne and eczema, repair damaged skin, deep moisturizing and deep cleansing, accelerate skin rejuvenation, reduce spider veins, leaving you with firm and bouncy skin. Night Cream Function 🌷 Anti-aging properties, remove age spots and reduce wrinkles, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory, smoothen and brighten skin, activate blood circulation, achieve oil and water balance, improve tone and glow, detox, remove acne and repair pockmarks. For more detail, please looking for me😀 Type: Others

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