Classic Pen Set Expertly Crafted From Brushed Stainless Steel (Brand New In Box)


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👉🏻 consists of 6 Beautiful Pens + 66 Piece refill sets 😉Product Description The Classic Fountain Pen nib contains one of the toughest metals, Iridium, making it virtually indestructible. The Classic Pen Set contains the following six writing tools: Fountain Pen - For beautiful handwriting Ball Pen - Ideal for detailed drawing Roller Pen - Heavy-duty writing pen Two Colour Pen - Two colours of ink in one pen Micro Pen - Perfect for organisers and diaries Propelling Pencil - For making notes and sketches The Classic Pen Set also includes a 66-piece refill set for years of writing pleasure. The refill flow system ensures an even supply of ink whilst writing and eliminates blottings. 😉 worth $89.90 😉 selling cheap cos not using & also there is s little ink leak in one refill, other than that is perfect.