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Selling 1 for $4.90 Fixed price Postage is 1.20 Item does not include micro SD card. This supports up to 128GB while similar low quality adapters selling on the market usually only supports up to 32GB. Note: Dear buyers, beware when get your PSP memory card from other sellers as most of them are not using the best quality that you deserve to get. 1st: check if their micro SD card is class 10. If its class 4 or class 6 its guaranteed to slow your loading time and lag your PSP game. Especially during cinematics where speed is crucial. 2nd: check if their PSP micro SD adapter can support more than 32GB. Low quality ones cannot accept more than 32GB of micro SD card memory. Those usually spoil easily after hours of continuous gaming. (Eg. If they only offer max 32GB, beware cos they are using $0.80 to $1 dollar max cost low quality memory card adapter) Each slot can be placed with 64GB micro SD card. Format it using a Sony product eg. Sony PSP. Do not take out the memory card once formatted because it may cause the data to be corrupt. This is higher quality than most of the others out in the market which can only support up to 32GB max. Please bring your memory card and PSP when dealing and I'll format it for you. :) Can expand PSP memory capacity to 128GB. about 100+ games !! Please chat to buy. :) Tags: Sony pro duo adapter microSD card micro SD PSP memory capacity upgrade PSP games Techwonder #paylahaccepted

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