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Hey guys pm me if you're interested in purchasing a similar build like this! Orders will take at least 10 days to complete, if everything goes smoothly! Last orders by September 1st. VIDEO PROOF: Client asked me to build for him a $750 gaming computer (which will consist of an i3 with a gtx 1050 and nothing else), but ended up asking him to top up $30 so that he can get a combo meal. Specs: I7 2600 ASUS P8H61-M-LX Plus Motherboard 8GB Corsair Dominator GT DDR3 Ram ASUS Strix GTX 970 WD Black 500GB HDD Seasonic S12ii 520W 80+ Bronze PSU Tecware F3 Windows 10 Professional + Wireless Keyboard & mouse & monitor for $780. Thanks once again client for the deal! :) As for everyone else, if you're interested in building your own computer or having a budget but have no idea what specs to look out for etc, drop me a message!