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Orders will take at least 10 days to complete, if everything goes smoothly! Last orders by September 1st. VIDEO PROOF: Built for him another as the one I'm selling was reserved (the one with the i5 2400), but he backed out in the end. But anyways spec wise this is better than the one I'm selling by abit. Specs: I5 2500 Biostar TH61A Motherboard 8GB Corsair Vengeance LP DDR3 Ram ASUS Direct CUII GTX 670 2GB WD Blue 500GB HDD DVD Drive Superflower HX600 600w 80+ Gold PSU Fractal Design Core 3000 Windows 10 Professional For $460. Thanks once again client for the deal! :) As for everyone else, if you're interested in building your own computer or having a budget but have no idea what specs to look out for etc, drop me a message!