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This is a light, basic moisturiser that is suitable for normal to very dry skin. It contains purified water and sesame oil to mimic the oil and water balance of the skin. It doubles the amount of moisture your skin can hold immediately after applying and after 8 weeks of using it twice daily it strengthens the skin's moisture barrier by 54%. The moisturiser is a light yellow in colour, light in texture and feel, and absorbs quickly, easily and with no greasy residue or film. It has no scent or sun protection, it is very basic. Perfect for sensitive skin. Frmheadtotoe (Jen) loves the product as she featured it in her favourites video. 125ml bottle. Used 1/3 of it already as you can tell (bottle doesn't come full to brim) Comes with a pump thus lotion inside is perfectly clean, will sanitise the pump before sending it out as well. RTP $60 My price $20

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