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REOPENED FOR LIMITED TIME ONLY. sooo as a stationery hoarder I have loads of stationery that I don't need and I also love buying stationery 😭😂 items will be 90% new with only a few items that are used vvv lightly!! (i have to clear out stuff too but it's definitely functional!) grab bags will be categorized based on the following themes :) grab bag will be qyop from $7 -$30. 1. functional mostly things that can be used for school brands included: muji/uniball/pilot/zebra/zig/daiso -notebook/pen/pencil/todo/postit/pencil cases/planner/todolists/highlighters 2. bullet journal things that u can use in journal/planner/bujo! -pilot/zebra/miniso/muji/mt/monami/staedtler/stabilo/daiso -stickers/postit/washi tape/pens/fineliners/notebooks/markers/todolists 3. art calligraphy and other creative things! -brush markers/calligraphy pens/markers/notebook/stamp/watercolour -artline stix/tombrow/koi/zig/copics/pentel items and brands are not strictly limited to those stated because I might find new gems around :) ❓how to order?❓ 1. state theme 2. $7 grab bag: 2 preferences & 1 dislike $15 grab bag: 4 preferences & 2 dislikes $25 grab bag: 6 preferences & 3 dislikes (rough gauge, may change depending on price) 3. preferences/dislikes only for products!! 4. payment 5. waiting time around 1 week so I have time to stock up + mail it out! 6. mailing preferred ($1-$2.50)

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