Clothes Shop Hanging System/ X Bar/ Metal Hook For Wall Display


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1/ $3.70 - Track Upright 2.4m 8'/ Metal Hook For Display Available: 5 tracks @ 2.4m selling $3.70 each 2 tracks @ 1.2m selling $2.30 each 2/ $2.60 - X Bar 1.2m 48" For Hanging Clothes/ Metal Hook For Wall Display Quantity: 24 bars Selling: $2.6/ each 3/ $1.50 - X Bar 10mm 9balls For Clothing Display/ Metal Hook For Wall Display Quantity: 90pcs Any 10pcs for $15 (so $1.5 each) 4/ $0.40 - Metal Hook Quantity: 50pcs Any 10pcs for $4 (so $0.40 each) PM/ call: 81267897 Self collection at 31 Jurong West st 41, the Lakeshore condo, Singapore 649412 In front Lakeside MRT Tag seebaby combo graco maxi Quincy umbrella car seat twin stroller double newborn pigeon Medela Lego munchkin bless Avent uninom lightweight travel breast pump ipad rocker chair bottle teats Carter's give blessing moving out sale nursing bra baby carrier sling baby stroller diaper freemie rompers swaddle Playtex Tommee Tippee Philips nipples pacifier shoes kids back bag milk bib eating diapers Huggies dryer petpet