Colourpop Ultra Blotted Lips💄 (Zuma, Doozy) ; Ultra Satin Lips (Strip, Frick N Frack, Echo Park); Super Shock Shadow (Wattles)


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Colourpop new Ultra Blotted Lip INSTOCKS 💯Authentic, 💯New Liquid Lipsticks ($9 ea, $16 for 2) ✔️Zuma (Ultra Blotted Lip) x4 (all sold) ✔️Doozy (Ultra Blotted Lip) x4 (all sold) Also for sale @ same price ✔️Echo Park (Ultra Satin Lip) x1 ✔️Frick and Frack (Ultra Satin Lip) x1 Other items available: Mini Liquid Lipstick ($4) ✔️Strip (MINI Ultra Satin Lip) x1 Super Shock Eye-Shadow ($6) ✔️Wattles x1 (Sold) Colourpop pamphlet/card still available if anyone wants it :) The Ultra Blotted Lips are currently out of stock on the colourpop website, so do purchase if you want to give this new formula a go 😊 Meet-ups only (Central/ anywhere else convenient)

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